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Zip off trousers

Zipp out trousers

Do not let the heat or the cold take you by surprise on the mountain! The removable trousers for hiking are the ideal companion for the days of outdoor adventure, since its versatility offers multiple options in the mount: before cold conditions, this type of clothing part protects against climatological adversity; On the contrary, if the temperatures are warmer, it turns into bermuda allowing a great freedom of movement by raising the ventilation.

In the face of ultraviolet radiation emitted by the Sun, most of the hiking clothing offer UV protection thanks to the protective filters impregnated in the fabric. However, this type of garment does not have impermeability. Now, by being constructed with synthetic fibers, they have a hydrorepelent system. In addition, being constructed with synthetic fibers are fast-drying garments.

These types of garments are very versatile, since detachable trousers can be used to enjoy outdoor activities as well as urban use in day to day activities.

Zipp out trousers for trekking system

This type of garment will incorporate a detachable knee-shaped zipper, which gives the freedom enough to enjoy a long pants when the weather conditions are adverse and short pants when temperatures are more pleasant while on the knees. practice outdoor activity

This detachable system is usually used as fast assembly, so the process of joining or disassembling the two parts that make up the garment is very agile and comfortable. The removable transverse closure works with a zipper, which surrounds the entire leg in the area of ??the knee.

Pockets and carry on pockets

The vast majority of zipp out pants mounted in their construction pockets. These pockets allow transport and storage of materials during outdoor adventures. In addition, another of its main functions is to avoid the loss of these materials. For this reason, the pockets incorporate a zipper to seal them tightly.

A detachable trouser mounts, as a general rule, side pockets, back pockets and charge pockets. The cargo pockets are those found in the side of the trousers, at the knee height. This type of pocket is extraordinarily comfortable to store material during the outdoor activity that develops at that time.

On the other hand, some models of zipp out trousers incorporate carry on jackets in their construction. These clips, located on the waist of the garment, have the function of storing the removable part of the trousers so that it can be transported with total comfort.

The detachable part of the pants is placed around the waist - as if it were a belt -, so that once the bottom is dismantled and it is located at the waist, its presence is hardly noticeable.

In any case, some models incorporate regulation in boots. This system allows to swing the lower part of the trousers to turn it into a bermuda for the practice of outdoor activity with warm temperatures or lands that allow to travel with the lower part of the uncovered legs without danger of possible friction with vegetation or rocks.

Synthetic materials: quick drying and no ironing

If there is a word that defines outdoor clothes it is versatility. The clothes to enjoy the mountain sports are comfortable, lightweight, resistant, breathable and, in most cases, water repellent; That is to say, those models that despite not being completely waterproof show some water repellency.

The pants are no exception; so a detachable trousers, if not waterproof, have a waterproof capacity. This benefit is achieved thanks to its construction with synthetic fibers. Two of the great features of removable pants made from synthetic fibers are their ability to dry quickly in case of moisture and the need for ironing.

Although garments made with natural fibers are superbly comfortable, from Vèrtic we recommend that you avoid, as far as possible, any type of natural fiber. An example is cotton. This natural fiber is very comfortable during its use; However, it absorbs moisture very easily, retains a lot of water and takes a long time to dry.

The optimum fabrication material for removable pants is polyamide or polyester, two synthetic fibers for mountain clothes that meet the best features to enjoy without breaks from outdoor sports. This type of synthetic fiber, in case it was too little, is also very comfortable; in addition to having the ability to expel sweat in the form of steam.

Reinforced areas

Another necessary provision is the existence of reinforcements in the areas most sensitive to friction. If you need a removable trousers that last as long as possible in time, and with possible abrasions, tears or perforations, there is no better option than polyamide with high tenacity, sanity type or the like.

This type of fiber can last two or even three times more than the rest of the fibers that make up the garments. Now, the variants of elastic sanity are not so strong, but they offer better performance than the standard bielastic. The downside is that few brands make pants with this fiber.

Zipp out trousers for men!

Looking for a removable man's trousers? At Vertic we have the best collections for men. Discover our range of possibilities made up of the best brands in the outdoor market!

Do you need zipp out trousers for women?

In the stores Vertic we have a large number of models for women. Have not you seen them yet? Take a look and equate for your adventures in the mountains!

Boy's zipp out trousers!

If what you are looking for is a detachable trousers for the little ones in the house, look no further. You are at the indicated site! Equipping it with a removable trousers to go out on the mountain and forget about loading with several garments if you change the time unexpectedly.

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