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Waterproof trousers

Waterproof trousers

The main purpose of waterproof pants is to keep us protected from the elements, so that we enjoy our favorite outdoor activity without worrying about the sky. Go here and enjoy trekking, hiking, alpine climbing or alpine skiing with these pieces.

The membranes in waterproof pants

The waterproofness that these pieces provide us lies in their membranes, which are the element that confers this protection to water. To be able to measure if these fabrics provide us with a correct waterproofing, it is advisable to consult the water column indicators provided to us by the manufacturers.

The water columns are the indicator that is used to measure the waterproofness capacity of a fabric. This indicator takes into account the pressure exerted by a water column on a material and the resistance it offers before it collapses and the impermeability of the fabric is compromised. According to the international norm ISO 811: 1981, a fabric is considered impermeable when it exceeds 10,000 mm of water columns.

Gore-Tex, the queen of waterproof membranes

If we talk about membranes, we have to mention Gore-Tex. Probably the most prestigious and renamed among them, we can find several of its variants when it comes to looking for our piece. One of them is the Gore-Tex Pro membrane, which offers a greater resistance and durability while retaining the usual waterproofness and perspiration of Gore-Tex garments.

Others of the Gore-Tex membranes that you can find employees in the construction of waterproof parts are: Gore-Tex 2.5 L with Paclite technology, very breathable and perfect for high intensity activities in which sweat evacuation is primordial; or the Gore-Tex Khumba, which offers greater resistance and is designed for demanding activities such as mountain skiing.

DryVent and Proof, other waterproof membranes

Another of the membranes that we can find in the mountain pants is the HyVent. This fabric, designed by the prestigious brand The North Face, provides an optimum impermeability and breathability, thanks to its three-component multi-layered formula and a polyurethane coating. Depending on the different variants of this membrane, the water columns can vary between 25,000mm (HyVent 2,5L) and 30,000mm (HyVent Alpha).

In our collection of waterproof pants you can also find other types of membranes, such as the Proof membrane of Haglöfs. This laminated fabric gives us less water protection than other tissues (close to 10,000 mm) but with a correct evacuation of sweat and perspiration.

Waterproof trousers

They are one of the most prized pieces among trekking enthusiasts. Rain is a common element when it comes to hiking and that is why it is important to have some good waterproof trousers.

These pieces are essential if you are thinking about trekking in areas with high rainfall probability, because thanks to the waterproof trousers you can keep yourself dry and enjoy your activity.

Waterproof trousers for high mountains

Among the waterproof mountain pants we can also find models designed for the practice of alpine activities, such as mountaineering or alpine skiing. These specimens are characterized by a special reinforcement in the zones of greater abrasion and to provide a greater thermal protection.

The waterproofing contribution of these waterproof pants is especially interesting since in these activities we will come in contact with the snow. Thanks to a reinforced construction and to the presence of membranes such as Gore-Tex Pro, which has water columns close to 28,000 mm, these models become excellent waterproof pants for snow.

Find your waterproof pants for women

Enjoy a wide variety of models and brands in our collection of waterproof women's trousers. In it you will find specimens for all kinds of outdoor activities, such as trekking, mountaineering or alpine skiing, among others.

If you are looking for light weight, take a look at our models of waterproof women's pants designed for lightweight trekking. These pieces will protect you from the rain with a very small weight and breathability to keep in mind when performing an intense activity like this.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a model for more demanding activities such as mountaineering, we recommend our most technical models. These waterproof women's trousers will give you greater resistance, greater thermal protection and superior waterproofness, thanks to the presence of membranes such as Gore-Tex Pro.

All in waterproof pants for children

If you are looking for models for the little ones, do not miss our collection of waterproof pants for children. In it you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of models designed so that the children of the house can enjoy the outdoor activities without worrying about the elements.

The design of waterproof pants for children is very similar to adult trousers with some differences designed for the little ones. Among them, it is usual that these units do not incorporate button closure, but incorporate an elastic waist adjustable and leopard, more comfortable and functional considering the children of the house.

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