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Waterproof jackets

Waterproof jackets

The fight against the elements is paramount on the mountain, and if you want to win it you can not miss our collection of waterproof jackets. This type of clothes are a piece of clothing that can not be dispensed with if you want to go out and win the battle in the bush.

When can we need it?

The main function is to provide protection before the elements; so, thanks to them, you can enjoy the favorite outdoor activity without having to look at the sky.

In the world of mountain clothes, waterproofing and breathability are very valuable elements among lovers of these sports; since it offers us a great versatility and its use is not restricted to any station or any activity.

Light or resistant What should we choose?

For activities in which each gram counts, the best option is always to opt for a jacket as light as possible. Thanks to a less reinforced construction, lower water columns and infinitely lighter fabrics, this type of jacket or raincoat protects with such a minimum weight ... that you practically do not notice that we are wearing it!

If, on the contrary, you need to survive more extreme situations, you have to do without some lightness and opt for a mountain jacket. All those garments with reinforcements in areas of greater wear or with constructions of three layers gain some weight, but compensate with a greater resistance. As a general rule, this type of garments incorporate a hood. A good hood fit, with or without a helmet, can be the difference between turning outdoor activity into a great adventure or into a nightmare.

Other alternatives that you can find in Vertic stores are garments with fleece or vests. The possibilities are endless!

The membranes to be known

Beyond lightness and resistance, the market offers a wide variety of membranes and waterproof fabrics. Gore-Tex, DryVent ... there are many names of membranes that can be found. All of them offer similar benefits; However, they also enjoy characteristics that differentiate them from each other and make them unique among them.

Gore-Tex, the queen of the membranes

Gore-Tex is, without doubt, the most famous and prestigious among all. Its main advantage is that it combines a high impermeability with a great lightness and an efficient breathability; what makes it the most precious membrane among mountain lovers. In addition, it has a wide range of variants -Gore-Tex Pro, Gore-Tex Active or Gore-Tex Windstopper, among others- that make it the real queen of the membranes.

DryVent, the great alternative

Another of the popular membranes that we find is the DryVent, developed exclusively by the North American brand The North Face. In the same way as in other fabrics, the DryVent membrane provides optimum waterproofing and breathability, thanks to its three-component multi-layer formula and polyurethane coating.

What fabric to choose?

If there are still doubts about which membranes are most suitable for the jacket you have in mind, here are some tips. Pay attention!
First, consult-always-the columns of water that supports. And this indicator what exactly does it measure? Technically, the water column calculates the static resistance to water pressure that resists a tissue. In other words, the higher this indicator, the greater the waterproof capacity offered by the jacket.

On the other hand, the breathability capacity it offers is also important. Usually measured with RET (Resistant to Evaporation Transfer), this indicator calculates the resistance offered by waterproof fabrics to air evacuation. The lower the RET index, the fabric of the jacket is more breathable.

All the menswear you are looking for

If you are looking for the best models for men, take a look at our collection. In it, you will find everything you need.

In the case that you are looking for a waterproof coat for men, from Vertic we recommend taking a look at our collection of parcas; perfect for urban use and cold environments.

If, however, you are looking for something lighter like a men's jacket, enjoy the range of possibilities that our collection offers. In it, you have the finest models - often classified as raincoats or raincoats - that will give you protection from the rain with as much lightness as possible. You just have to come to Vertic!

Explore our collection of women

In Vertic, not all are models for men. Both on our website and in our physical stores we have an extensive collection that covers many models and brands. Do you want to discover it?

If you look lighter-what we commonly know as rainwear-we recommend that you take a look at our range of paclites; some models that provide protection against those water droplets so annoying when enjoying the outdoor. Impermeability and lightness assured ... Who can ask for more?

Women's waterproof coats: warmth and resistance

In Vertic we have what you need. However, if everything explained above does not convince you, your steps should be directed to our section of waterproof women's coats; an extensive collection in which much more warm and resistant models are exposed, designed to offer the best performance in the worst conditions.

And for the little ones?

In Vèrtic we do not forget the little ones of the house, who also have their reserved space. For them we have from the most versatile models those designed specifically for more demanding sports, always guaranteeing that they will be able to enjoy the activity without worrying about whether they get wet or cold.

Whether they are technical garments or simple breathable raincoats, in the collection of children's clothes are garments made with the same waterproof materials as in the adult specimens -such as the DryVent membrane-, thus preserving the same waterproofing performance and breathability They will feel as protected as the elderly!

If you are looking to protect them from the most adverse conditions, do not hesitate and consult our collection for children, as complete and functional as the models for adults. Protection and warmth with the best materials!

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