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Trekking poles

Travel Poles

Did you know that the use of walking sticks is increasing? In the same way that several studies corroborate that the use of a helmet in outdoor sports such as climbing or mountain skiing reduces the risk of suffering an injury, this material is necessary to walk the mountain for reasons of safety and protection Some parts of the body like the joints.

Its use brings stability as we walk, something that allows us to confront with greater confidence the possible inconveniences that we are finding along the path. At the same time, it allows us to defy more arid land by the presence of elements such as snow, water, mud, rocks or ice.

However, one of the main reasons why mountain climbers are increasingly betting on this material is the reduction of risk when suffering from possible falls or injuries. And it is that the points of support increase while we walk by the mountain.

Slips are one of the main causes of injuries in this sporting activity. And, with its use, despite not disappearing completely the risk of falling falls is considerably reduced.

Its use, besides absorbing impacts by protecting the joints, distributes the load during the route between the legs and the arms. Therefore, its rise occupation releases areas of the body such as hamstrings and quadriceps. In addition, in the descents, it cuts areas such as the spine, knees, hips and ankles.

Tiredness is another reason why, from Vertic, we recommend its use. And, when you distribute weight and effort between arms and legs, your arms are ready to push while the lower train is more liberated.

Walking also changes and becomes a more regular walk, so that as we build miles the tiredness is not so obvious.

The support point, therefore, provides more traction in complicated surfaces, helps to maintain balance, reduces the risk of injuries or falls and preserves the joints by sharing impacts.

What do you have to keep in mind when choosing trekking canes?

While it is true that the final election depends on the sensations of each mountaineer, there are some variables to suspect when making the final decision. Some of them are the weight, the adjustment system or the handle, among others.

The weight of travel poles

The lighter, the higher its price. However, it probably meets a number of conditions that make it one of the best options on the market.

The less light weight it is, so it is more manageable and the physical effort required during movement is less. The weight is closely linked to the manufacturing material. And, today, there are two great materials on the market: carbon fiber and aluminum.

Carbon fiber is a rigid and lightweight material; However, it is more fragile compared to an aluminum that, despite being heavier than carbon fiber, is more resistant and lasting.

Tilt adjustment system for trekking poles

The adjustment system is necessary to adapt it both to our height and to the ground conditions.

There are two major adjustment systems in the market: adjusting system for clamp and thread adjustment system. Thread adjustment system is lighter, but its handling is more complicated. On the other hand, the clamp adjustment system is very safe, as it allows you to quickly check the lock or not. In addition, it is faster and easier to handle.

In any case, using the adjusting system that is used is paramount that the adjustment mechanism is well locked, because otherwise there is a risk of a landslide of the telescopic part causing a fall with possible injuries

Grip of trekking poles

In the market there are different manufacturing materials for the grips. So finding the material that best adapts to our hands will minimize the difficulties to progress. Ergonomics and comfort are two other variables to put on the table to make a definitive decision.

Vertic specialists recommend the use of cork, rubber or foam grips. This type of grips ensure a good grip, they are softer than those of plastic and absorb perspiration. And it is that a plastic grip, despite being more rigid and more economical than those recommended by the Vertic specialists, is heavier and cheeky when elements like sweat of hands or water appear in the way - in the form of humidity , rain or snow.

Therefore, models that mount rubber, cork or foam grips are ideal for those adventurers who go on a mountain walk in a regular way.

However, the manufacturing material has the same importance as the handle shape. The market, therefore, offers from straight and smooth models to those more ergonomic with the shape of the hands

For those hikers who frequently change the position of their hands on the routes, there are walking sticks that mount a type of grips with extended grip that extend over the body of the trekking cane. This type of grips are highly comfortable to face great earrings.

Even in some models, the incorporation of sliding sleeves in the lower part of the slots favors progress in technical fields and help place their hands correctly.

Antishock mechanism of walking sticks for trekking

The antishock mechanism consists in the presence of elastic materials or shock absorbers that absorb the impacts each time it strikes with the ground. There are models that incorporate antishock mechanism and others that do not. The final decision depends on the sensations of each mountaineer.

Number of sections on trekking poles

The number of stretches in walking sticks indicates both the adjustment system according to height and the ability to be compacted for storage and transport. Therefore, how many more compact sections once folded.

Cane Leash of poles for trekking

The straps on the top of the grips, which are used to grab the cane safely, are known under the name of dragons. These trekking cane leash, on occasions, incorporate foam to offer greater comfort during their use.

Treadmill walking sticks

The main function of rosettes is none other than avoiding falling into soft terrain. The rosettes are located in the part that contacts the ground, and from Vertic we recommend changing it according to the time of the year and the conditions of the terrain.

In winter our specialists recommend the use of large rosettes so they do not clavin on soft terrain such as snow. On the other hand, in summer, it is advisable to use small rosettes to move smoothly on land that contains rocks, stones, soil or grass.

Walking sticks for trekking

Scrolls, also known as tips, are the part that contacts the terrain with each movement. In the current market of twists or tips for trekking poles there are two types: tungsten tips - type of mineral - that are very resistant and very durable and the tips of steel, which despite being resistant wear out before; so they are cheaper.

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