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Travel sandals

Travel sandals

Sandals for hiking are an alternative footwear to shoes or boots to complete itineraries in the mountains when the weather allows it. Hiking sandals are footwear that, to enjoy the mountain without headaches, should be well attached to the foot; Above all, the sandal should hold the heel area and the cross section so as not to be startled during the hiking stages. In addition, it is important that the areas of the sandal that are in contact with our feet incorporate good reinforcements, since these have the mission to prevent the appearance of chafing and / or sores in this part of our body.

Sandals for hiking allow us to enjoy our adventures with the arrival of warm temperatures. This type of footwear keeps the feet dry, while providing protection, ventilation and traction for the terrain while walking through the bush.
But not only that. The sandal is an alternative to boots or slippers. And, in addition, it is a footwear that is usually cheaper than the rest of footwear to practice sport in the mountains.


Often, manufacturers of hiking sandals have suffered to make sandals that offer protection and traction without forgetting aspects such as ventilation. However, the appearance of new compounds for the manufacture of soles has allowed during the last years to manufacture sandals for hiking that provide the maximum adhesion in even the most thorny terrains.

Therefore, the sole of hiking sandals must be resistant to abrasion, must be rigid enough to walk on aggressive surfaces and must grant sufficient adherence to have sufficient confidence in the terrain.

Fastening system

The fastening system of hiking sandals is another element to consider when deciding on one type of sandal or another. In the footwear market for hiking, and in particular in that of sandals, there are different methods of restraining footwear.

Some models of hiking sandals are fitted with a strap on the upper area, while other sandals use more traditional systems such as velcro tapes. In any case, and whatever the selected fastening system, the important thing is that the feet - especially the heel area and the transverse area - are well secured to avoid possible slips, falls or injuries.

Resistance and damping

To enjoy walking sandals with high durability, these must be made with materials that offer a high resistance to abrasion, robust fastening systems and dyes that provide resistance to elements such as water.

The cushioning of the sandals is a fundamental characteristic to enjoy outdoor adventures. The mountain footwear must be designed to cushion the impacts on the footprints, in such a way that they protect joints and muscles from possible injuries. Walking, running or jumping are high impact activities, so pressed and molded EVA rubber midriffs are enough to cushion impacts.

Lightness, comfort and ergonomics

A basic aspect in hiking sandals is the weight. From Vertic we recommend that the sandal to be worn during the hiking routes is as light as possible, in such a way that it grants us the greatest freedom of movement possible.

In addition, the comfort of sandals is a factor that will eventually decide the choice of mountain footwear among the full range of possibilities. Comfort will depend, in large part, on its design, flexibility and cushioning; as well as its ergonomics.

And we talk about ergonomics because it is very important that the hiking sandals fit perfectly to our feet to enjoy our adventures in the bush without headaches.


Although there are sandals made of natural materials and synthetic materials in the mountain footwear market, it is advisable that the sandal used for hiking is made of synthetic material. Why?

During a hiking route it is very likely to run into wet areas, even with puddles of water. Natural materials, despite offering advantages such as odors - they smell much less than synthetic materials - or touch, never dry completely. It is true that they hardly spoil, but their benefits decline.

For this reason, from Vertic we recommend the use of hiking sandals made of synthetic materials.

Hiking sandals for men

Are you looking for a comfortable, lightweight, waterproof and ergonomic mountain footwear for men? In Vertic accounts with a wide catalog of sandals composed of the best brands in the outdoor world. Keen, The North Face, Teva, Salomon or Merrell are some leading brands in the manufacture of mountain footwear for the arrival of warm temperatures. And in Vertic you can find models of all of them!

Hiking sandals for women

Are you going to let the heat stop you from enjoying what you like most? Put on some sandals for hiking and go out and eat the mountain! The sandal keeps your foot dry and protected, while giving you enough traction to walk the mountain minimizing possible twists or injuries.

Hiking sandals for children

Sandals are the best complement for children to enjoy the mountain with the arrival of good weather! In Vertic we have models for the little ones in the house to have a great time.
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