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Thermal underwear

Thermal Underwear

The thermal underwear is an indispensable complement when it comes to mountain activities. These pieces guarantee an optimum thermal protection at the same time as a quick drying capacity, thus becoming an indispensable element for those who practice sports in which the control of humidity is determining.

Thermal interior linen: Synthetic or natural tissue?

In the same way that it happens in other categories of thermal clothing, in thermal underwear we can find models manufactured in synthetic fibers as well as in natural materials. Among the latter, there is no doubt that the wool merino, one of the most precious natural weaves in the making of these pieces.

Its main virtue is that it retains less humidity than other tissues, that is, it dries quite fast and maintains very good thermal properties, even when it is wet. With regard to synthetic fibers, the great advantage that merino wool gives us is that it does not retain body odor, so it is ideal when we use thermal underwear for several days.

On the other hand, we also find thermal underwear fabricated in synthetic fibers, such as the Phasic SV, a material used by the Arcteryx brand and which offers a great insulating power and is very resistant. Since it is a synthetic fabric it does not retain moisture, it dries very quickly and maintains good thermal properties even wet.

The underwear thermal running

In our collection we have a category of pieces that embraces from briefs to bóxers or bras and we know as thermal running underwear. These pieces are an indispensable complement to those runners who practice this sport habitually, since beyond their thermal protection they also offer us a fast drying capacity.

This rapid drying capacity is of great importance for an activity as intense as running. In fact, this feature makes them a very interesting interior thermal garment for any other sporting activity in which moisture control is an important factor.

Thermal underwear for other mountain activities

But not all are pieces destined to the practice of trailrunning, since in our collection you can find specimens that will be used to enjoy trekking, mountaineering or mountain skiing, among others. We always find it useful especially to conserve body heat and at times of the year as in winter and in situations of intense cold.

Some pieces incorporate an antibacterial treatment that includes silver ions in their construction to delay the appearance of odors. This is a very interesting aspect for those mountain activities of several days, in the same way as the hypoallergenic treatment that incorporates some pieces, which makes their use more comfortable over time.

Find your interior piece for man

In our collection of thermal underwear for men you will find a wide variety of products designed to keep you dry and hot while enjoying your favorite outdoor activity. In this sense we offer you a wide range of shorts and bóxers, lightweight and simple but extremely functional pieces that will be very useful when you practice your favorite sport.

If you're worried about the low temperatures and looking for a piece of cooler fire, we recommend that you take a look at our larger pieces. All our collection for men has excellent thermoregulatory properties, but if you opt for a piece of medium or high thickness you will be perfectly protected from the lowest temperatures.

Our collection of thermal underwear for women

If you are interested in staying indoors, take a look at our collection, especially dedicated to you. Braids or socks cover our shelves in a wide variety of models and manufacturers that will help you find what you're looking for.

In our offer of sports bras you can find a large number of models that will offer you, all of them, an excellent thermal comfort in mountain activities in cold conditions. Our catalog for women is the best alternative to preserve body heat in the chest area.

Another of the possibilities that we offer in this section for women is our range of socks. This piece is very useful in all those outdoor activities in which moisture control is basic, as we guarantee a fast drying ability and optimum body heat conservation.
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