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Thermal socks

Thermal socks

Keeping our feet dry and hot is a fundamental premise when it comes to enjoying mountain activities. That is why we have thermal socks that respond to our needs, be it of greater breathability as well as greater thermal protection.

What materials are found in the thermal socks

The material that we will find in the composition will depend on the sock type, since some materials or others will provide different features depending on its use. In this sense, Coolmax, Primaloft, Thermastat and Merino Wool are some of the materials that we will find in the making of these pieces.

The Coolmax is a technical fabric that has properties for the rapid elimination of moisture to the outside of the fiber, achieving its rapid dissipation and drying, keeping our skin dry. We will find the Coolmax fabric in those models designed for temperatures not extremely cold.

Another material that we can find in the making is the wool merina. Its main virtue is that it does not retain so much moisture, that is, it dries quite fast and maintains very good thermal properties even wet. Another great advantage over synthetic fibers is that it does not retain the body odor, being suitable for several days.

Depending on the thickness of the wool, we can find this fabric in thermal socks designed for winter conditions (those of greater thickness, greater than 2.5 mm) or for summer conditions (lower thickness, 1.5-2 mm).

Looking for thermal socks for the cold?

The thermal socks designed to withstand the cooler temperatures are made with some of the hottest synthetic fibers and dryers of the market. It is usual to find materials such as the Thermastat, the Primaloft or the Polartec between these models of thermal socks for the cold.

The Thermastat is a synthetic material that guarantees a fast drying ability and an excellent capacity to retain body heat in the area of ??our feet. In this way, in those models in which this fiber is used they are especially breathable and hot, making them especially recommended for the lowest temperatures.

Polartec, on its part, with variants such as the Polartec Powerstretch or the PowerDry, offers an extraordinarily quick drying thanks to its ability to transport moisture to the outside of the foot. In this way, we will keep our feet always dry and hot. Finally, the Primaloft is a microfiber thermal insulator made up of ultra-thin fibers that we will find in the manufacture of thermal socks for cold conditions.

The importance of elastic materials

The importance of these materials in the construction of the mountain thermal socks is double. On the one hand, these fabrics will give us a good fit, a good fit with our foot, avoiding the generation of wrinkles and therefore not creating discomfort. And on the other hand, it is possible to extend the length of the pieces since the elastic materials avoided the loss of the tension of their fibers.

Socks for running

Running socks are characterized by being models that prevail in the breathability of their fabrics, as they are designed for aerobic and intense activities. These models are made of synthetic fabrics such as polyamide, nylon or elastante, which give it its elastic and breathable properties. Running socks models are also provided with details such as reinforcements in the areas of the head and the heel.

Running socks with compressive technology

In the field of socks for running one of the latest innovations has been the emergence of models with compressive technology. This innovation favors venous return and achieves greater efficiency during the race. In addition, hot muscles are maintained, accelerate recovery and eliminate many muscle vibrations which results in better performance.
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