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Thermal clothing & fleeces

Thermal clothing

Also known as the first layers for the famous three-layer dressing system, these pieces are the best ally when outdoor activities are performed.

The main functions of the thermal clothing for the mountain are to keep doves mountain lovers ejecting skin sweat and guarding body temperature while avoiding the body to cool. In addition, they have a tight and elastic design that provides a great freedom of movement.

Find the best thermal clothing for the mountain

To preserve body heat and keep the body dry while practicing mountain activities there is no better alternative than having this type of fish. In Vertic we have a wide range of thermal clothes for mountain, ranging from thermal jerseys to the most intimate underwear with thermal benefits such as shorts or bras.

Synthetic or natural fabrics?

In the composition of the thermal clothes of mountain are both synthetic and natural fabrics, among which one of the most prized is the wool merino. Its main virtue is that it does not retain so much humidity; that is, it dries quite fast and maintains very good thermal properties even in wet conditions. Another great advantage of wool merino with respect to synthetic fibers is that it does not retain the body odor, which is suitable for several days.

The market also offers units of thermal clothes for mountain that have a manufacture based on synthetic fibers. In this case, there is a wide variety of fabrics, among which Phasic SV stands out - a material of high insulating and very resistant power. Being a synthetic fabric does not retain moisture, it dries very quickly and maintains good thermal properties even wet.

The importance of the thickness in the mountain thermal parts

One of the aspects to be taken into account when buying thermal clothing for the mountain, which best fits the needs of the outside - is the thickness of the fabric. The thickness of a piece of thermal mountain clothing is measured in g / m2 and determines its thermal capacity, since the greater the thickness the greater is its capacity to conserve body heat.

It is common to encounter thermal clothing for a mountain that has a medium thickness in its fabrics, close to 180 g / m2, which makes them especially versatile mountain pieces; Valid for use in the fall, winter and spring in mountain environments or cold climates. However, if you need more severe mountain thermal clothing for colds, you should choose pieces with larger thicknesses that provide a greater capacity to conserve body temperature.

Thermal benefits for trailrunning

Many brands of mountain pieces have opened their way in one of the most popular activities of today: trailrunning. Thanks to this, lovers of this sport have an extensive range of mountain-specific thermal clothing for trailrunning, with collections that range from t-shirts to the most varied pieces of underwear. These pieces are characterized mainly for offering a high level of breathability and for their comfortable, comfortable and elastic design.

Thermal trailrunning t-shirts

One of the strengths of our collection for trailrunning is our offer of trailrunning t-shirts. These pieces, which have a tight and elastic style, are characterized by providing a high level of breathability. In this way, they facilitate the evacuation of the sweat generated by the body in an activity as intense as the trailrunning.

Another detail of these thermal t-shirts for trairunning is that in some models they incorporate screens. It is not usual to find pieces of the so-called first layer with a membrane, but for intense activity such as trailrunning it is very interesting to have this protection in front of an element such as the wind.

Thermal interior clothing of trailrunning

Our collection for trailrunning completes a category of pieces that embraces from shorts to bras. These pieces are an indispensable complement to those that usually go out to practice sports, since beyond the thermal protection they offer a fast drying capacity. In fact, this feature makes them very interesting pieces also for any sporting activity in which the control of humidity is an important factor.

Are you looking for women's clothes?

If you need the best mountain thermal clothing for women, do not overlook our collection, because in it you will find just what you are looking for. A wide variety of models await you so that you find that first layer that best suits your needs. You can also take a look at our range of interior women's clothing.

Find the model you are looking for man

Immerse yourself in our mountain thermal clothing collection for men and give yourself what you are looking for from a wide range of models and brands. If what you are looking for is a piece that protects against cold temperatures - for skiing or wintering -, we recommend that you take a look at the larger units and be made of materials with good thermal properties.

If you need thermal underwear for men, we have what you are looking for. A great variety of slip-up briefs and boxers, and other elements to keep your heat, await you in our collection so you do not miss out.

For the little ones!

If you are looking for models for the little ones in the house, do not leave without going through our children's collection. In it you can find a wide range of models designed so that the children of the house can enjoy outdoor activities with a first layer that keeps them dry and hot.

Models designed for children have a design similar to adult pieces and offer the same benefits: an optimal evacuation of sweat that keeps them dry in activity and a conservation of body heat that prevents them from cooling.

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