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The best SUUNTO selection for your outdoor adventures


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The king of watchmaking in the world of sport is not Swiss but Finnish, and his name is Suunto. With a broad offer and models that are a more than safe bet, the Nordic brand has been consolidated as the true reference in the sector of sports watches.

Suunto Clocks for all mountain activities

If you are looking for a real doll computer for your sporting activities, you need to have one of the Suunto watches. This Finnish brand manufactures models for a wide range of activities, from those more aerobic like trail running, swimming or triathlon; Hiking, trekking or other mountain activities.

Suunto watches range for aerobic activities

The range of watches from Suunto stands out for the most aerobic activities such as trailrunning, swimming, triathlon or cycling. If we go into this field, it is essential to talk about the Suunto Ambit clocks series, whose models have been catching the market for several years.

With its wide variety of models and versions (Suunto Ambit 2, Ambit 2 HR or Ambit 2S among others), these Suunto GPS pulsers are the true leaders of sports watches. These units have a long list of features, ranging from the integration of the GPS to the barometer and the altimeter, as well as many other applications.

These models offer us a wide range of possibilities thanks to the multitude of applications they have. While it is true that in some models of this collection, such as the Suunto Ambit 2S, functions such as altimeter, thermometer or barometric functions have been deleted, others have also been added which are of great use both for swimmers, cyclists or triathletes.

The emergence of new ranges: Ambit Sport and Vertical Ambit

For lovers of sports and vertical activities, this Finnish brand has developed the Suunto Ambit Vertical watch collection. One of the advantages of these models is that they allow the visualization of the routes with a slope profile and thus quickly check our progress. It also allows you to visualize the accumulated difference in each session, weekly or annually quickly using a very intuitive graph.

The Suunto Ambit3 Sport watch collection is also very interesting, a simplified version of Ambit3 but retains more than interesting features. This Suunto watch with integrated GPS also offers us the possibility of linking it with our mobile phone through Bluetooth technology. In this way, we can use our mobile device as an additional screen of our Suunto Ambit Sport watch.

The Ambit Sport collection offers very good features for those looking for a Suunto watch for triathlon, duathlon or adventure raids, such as the possibility to change sport in the same session or the possibility of configuring modules predetermined multisport

Raise the mountain with the Suunto clocks

The Finnish company also offers a large collection of watches for mountain activities. In all of them, it incorporates applications that make the practice of mountaineering a much more comfortable and simple thing, since it has features such as altimeter, digital compass, barometer, digital thermometer or depth gauge, among many others. Among the Suunto mountain watches special mention deserves the models of the new Traverse collection. These Suunto watches will help you plan and guide you while you enjoy trekking thanks to its topographic maps in Movescount and navigation with integrated GPS. They have real-time view of the path, tracking speed, distance and altitude, so you will know at all times where you take your steps with the smallest details.

The clocks of the Suunto Core collection

Although previously we emphasized the Ambit series, in this case it is necessary to make a reference to another of the successes of the Finnish company: the series of Core clocks. With models such as Core Crush, Core Alu Black or Core All Black, Suunto revolutionized the practice of many mountain activities, something unthinkable a few years ago.

The models of watches of the Suunto Core collection broke with what is established thanks to the incorporation of the functions of altimeter, barometer and compass in the same doll device (which was named ABC-watch: A = altitude, B = barometer, C = compass). Suunto is no longer manufacturing models of this collection but it is undoubtedly one of the reasons that made Suunto clocks a real reference for mountain-biking enthusiasts.
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