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Sleeping bags

Sleeping Bags

A sleeping bag does not heat directly, but it does so becauseinside the thermal walls there is a filling. But what is a thermal bulkhead? The thermal partitions are the thicknessof both the feather sleeping bags and the fiber sleepingbags. The thicker the warmer, as inside it has a filling that retains hot air. Therefore, the more thickness more hot airand greater insulation from the outside.

However, two variables must be taken into account to assessthe thermal property: The quantity of filling and its quality.At the same amount of padding-in weight-, the pen expandsmore than the fiber, heating more. In addition, between two feather sleeping bags that have the same amount ofpadding, a higher quality pen has more capacity to expand.So, it warms up more.

Considering that the conditions of the terrain mark the optimum choice, factors such as volume or weight determine their versatility. In order to do this, the compression or transport cover helps you to take the minimum possible space when carrying it in the backpack oroutside it.

Feather or fiber padding?

The filling of a sleeping bag can be of feather or of synthetic thermal fiber.

A synthetic fiber sleeping bag carries synthetic fiber inside asa filler. They are usually hollow fibers; That is to say, thread with a tube inside that retains hot air.

The great advantages of fiber sleeping bags are its ability torepel moisture, the maintenance of its thermal propertieseven wet, its ease of drying, its resistance, not easy maintenance and its value for money.

However, feather sleeping bags better regulate temperature;That is to say, with the same weight of feather and fiber the synthetic filling heats less, occupies more and weighs more.When looking for an extremely hot sack from vertic We recommend discarding the fiber. In addition, a feather sleeping bag has a longer lifespan than synthetics.

The feather quality of a feather sleeping bag is measured by CUINS (cubic inches or cubic inches). From vertic were commend that a bag of feathers, to make it suitable, must have at least 600 CUINS. The amount of filling is also very important; That is, the amount of grams of pen that has the sack. However, feather sleeping bags are resting material with very high thermal performance.

To buy a feather sleeping bag you have to keep in mindsome conditions like what is its outer fabric-from vertic were commend Pertex because of its lightness.

The outer fabric affects the spread of the filling by thet hermal partitions. If the outer tissue is not light it makes itdifficult for the filling of the sack to expand, so the thermal properties are diminished.

Water repellency and breathability

Except for some models, both the fiber sleeping bags andthe feather sleeping bags have water-resistant but not water proof capacity. To achieve water tightness werec ommend the use of bivouac sleeves. This type of products are waterproof and breathable.

Breathability is a very important benefit, because it allows toexpel the sweat generated by the body in the form of vaporand avoids condensation. These properties ensure amicroclimate, essential to enjoy the proper rest.

Temperature ranges of a sleeping bag

To buy a sleeping bag you have to keep in mind the temperature range: Comfort value, limit of comfort and extreme.

All the sacks sold in Europe and in most corners of the world have to comply with European legislation that approves them: en 13537. This standard standardizes the temperature ranges.

The comfort temperature is the temperature that allows tosleep in a comfortable way with the sack. The comfort limit temperature marks when you start to get cold, and the extreme temperature marks when you are in danger of suffering hypothermia.

Sleeping Bags Maintenance

From Vertic we want to offer some advice. First of all, when you buy a sleeping bag it is rolled up. A sleeping bag heatsup because it catches air and therefore swells.

When you enter the compression sleeve you have to do it forthe larger part, the front part. The idea is that feathers orfibers never chafadas in the same way. They should not berolled up. You have to introduce them in any way. So they are put in a different way, the fiber or the pen is not ironed and is not used to always be in the same position.

It is essential to ventilate the sack after use, even if it wasonly for one day. Our recommendation is never to do so in the sun, even though the sack is moist as most are built with polyamides or polyesters. Ultraviolet rays damage this typeof tissue, and over time the fabric can easily be damaged.

As a rule, with the purchase comes a perforated cover. It isused to store it when not in use and to ventilate. This type ofsheath lets you breathe. It should never be compressed,except when practised and carried on. The idea is that thepen or fiber does not take shape, because if so then doesnot recover, does not swell.

To machine wash the pen you must follow these steps: Use avery delicate program, specific soap for pen and cold water.Once finished you are looking for a clean and dry placewhere the sun does not give directly and extends trying tobe as flat as possible. So the pen recovers volume.

Once the boom is completely dry, it completely fills theseptum. If dryer is used, very low temperatures are needed to make it undamaged

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