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Ski skins

Climbing skins

What would be of mountain skiing without climbing skins on skis that do not allow to enjoy the snow and the mountain during the ascent?

climbing skins has the mission of providing grip during the climb of mountain ski, so that the table does not slip and make it impossible to advance on the ground.

While it is true that decades ago, the epidermis of the animal that names this material was used for mobility in lands with snow, today, sustainability, awareness of the environment and life itself of living beings has allowed only the name to be preserved but its use has disappeared.

At the same time, the big brands have tried different materials to achieve grip during the climb of mountain skiing like scales or waxes. However, seal skin is, for the time being, the material that offers the best benefits for the practice of the activity.

How do climbing skins work?

This material, essential for the practice of cross-country skiing or mountain skiing, is essential to achieve the necessary grip during the ascent. For this, the manufacturers inserts on a very resistant fabric thousands of hairs - that can be of different materials and each of them offers different benefits, in such a way that in the direction in which they are inserted they allow to slip in favor of hair and, on the contrary, the ones closed in the snow preventing the slip.

However, the grip depends on some variables such as the technique of stopping, the material of manufacture and the use of a correct size.

First of all, a good sealing technique allows the contact of a larger surface with the ground. In addition, an optimal technique gives greater balance. Adapting the size with both the width of the skate and the length of the ski is basic, as is the correct choice of type depending on both its own state and that of snow.

Types of skateboard skis

The market offers three great different types of this material for skiing of mountain or crossing. These three types vary depending on the fabrication material used, which may be mohair, synthetic or mixed.

The synthetic seal skins are, by norm, 100% polyamide. The type of hair that is mounted is hard and short and offers a high resistance to abrasion. In contrast, the high grip they offer penalizes the slip.

However, the high degree of adhesion they grant gives a high degree of grip on even the toughest snow.
Mixed seal skins mount natural nylon reinforced hair, a synthetic fiber. This type is characterized by its versatility, since they offer a good grip as well as slip during the ascent.

Mohair seal skins are precisely made with Mohair. Mohair is a fiber of natural origin from Angora goat's hair. It's a thin, smooth fabric, unlike most wools - they're curly.

The mohair is woven on a polyester and cotton base so that it does not lose benefits at low temperatures. With long hairs, their benefits are very different from synthetic ones; since if its grip is not at very high levels its performance when it comes to sliding is fantastic.

How to cut and place climbing skins for skis?

All have the same measure, and the first thing to do is remove the film that protects the tail that allows it to stick with the sole of the ski.

Starting with the spatula or the tail - the order is indifferent - you must stick the seal skin on the sole of the ski. You have to go slowly and do well, since otherwise you will not be well placed for use. And, if it is not correctly adhered to the sole of the ski, when the cuter passes to eliminate the leftover, an optimal cut will not be performed.
Once well stuck, we look for the right place to start cutting and the leaf is run looking for the adjustment on the song. To do this, we have to go slowly. If with a pass is not enough, the process is repeated.

The goal is that the song that is released be free; that is to say, take off the skin again and leave the measure of two songs free. This process helps the fact that when we make the cut at the other end, there are two free songs of skiing.

Maintenance of climbing skins for skis

To enjoy maximum skiing or cross-country skiing, it is very important that seal skin is in excellent condition. Lacking, tiredness or poor maintenance with hydrophobic products spoil the material very easily.

To protect it, we recommend that you isolate it, we recommend specific grids or silk fabrics so that they do not lose their effectiveness.

To eliminate trays of snow formed due to the humidity, there are products * waterproof in the form of wax that allow maintenance to extend its useful life, impregnating it every so often.

And, to eliminate impurities, there are tubes or tubes that are placed on a heat base with a plate to maintain and take care of seal skin as on the first day.

Where to buy climbing skins?

At Vertic, in addition to finding this material for your skis, you can purchase seal skins per meter.

Choose one or the other type, in the Vertic stores you will find cheap seal skins with excellent benefits. Come to one of our stores and start enjoying the mountain skiing or crossing without any hassle!

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