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More than 20 years selling outdoor clothing is our guarantee. Choose in between the best outdoor clothing brands. Become member of our community and enjoy of our discounts for customers from now on.
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Expertise is our strength. When running, walking, climbing ... trust our advisers. Salomon, salewa, la sportiva, the north face ... your shoes a click away. Get up to 10% in every purchase. Just sign up. We send it to you at home or to the UPS access point network.
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This brand of French origin is one of the great references in regard to the trail running material, although its influence also covers the world of mountain footwear or skiing. With a range of products that range from footwear, clothing to all the complements that we can imagine, Salomon offers its public loyalty all the possibilities to enjoy the practice of our favorite outdoor sport.

Salomon and the soles Contagrip

The soles Contagrip are the soles developed and manufactured by Salomon and are present in both their models of footwear of mountain or of running or trail running. Salomon Contagrip soles have a different composition depending on the area of the sole concerned. Thus, the areas that are more likely to wear out before include more denser and more resistant compounds to slow down their wear and tear. In other areas, like the central area, they use compounds of lower density that offer a little more flexibility and take hold.

Variants of Contagrip soles for running

One of the variants of Contagrip soles from Salomon is Contagrip M & S (Mud & Snow). This single, which we can find in ranges like the Speedcross, has an aggressive tacit pattern, similar to those present in the tires of a tractor, which provide maximum traction even for the most distant paths. By combining it with the antifreeze properties of the components used in the sole, you get the perfect shoe for rainy or humid days. We will also find Salomon slippers that incorporate other Contagrip soles, such as the Contagrip HA (High Abrasion) that will give us more durability to footwear. Another example is the Contagrip HT (High Traction), which offers more grip and grip on the Salomon sneaker.

Salomon running and trail running shoes

If we talk about Salomon, it is necessary to make a reference to its wide range of running shoes, which is increasingly versatile and complete since it has valid models for both urban and road terrain. The range of possibilities offered by this French brand will allow you to find the model you are looking for.

S-Lab Slippers, the Salomon reference collection

In the field of trail running, special mention deserves the Salomon S-LAB slippers series, without a doubt one of the great references in the footwear sector. With a wide range of models that include Fellcross, Sense 3 or Sense 3 Ultra, among others, this collection has become an icon thanks to its lightness and traction more than tested.

The Quicklace cord system

Another characteristic feature of the Salomon running shoes is the Quicklace cord system, unique and patented by the brand. This system offers the corridor a low coefficient of friction in the trays and, in many of its models, the possibility of storing the remaining lace in a pocket under the tab.

Salomon sneakers for urban running

In the collection of Salomon running shoes we also find models designed for urban lands. In these specimens the French brand introduces a greater dampening to minimize the impact on our joints of running through surfaces as hard as we are in urban terrain.

Salomon and his running clothes offer

Beyond footwear, Salomon also offers a good range of products in regards to jackets, shirts or running meshes. In this sense, it is worth mentioning the collection of Salomon running jackets, with models such as the Bonatti or the S-Lab Light, which offer optimum wind protection, great breathability and an ultra lightweight weight.

As in his jackets, Salomon power especially in his shirt of running the lightness and perspiration of his pieces, thus facilitating a greater enjoyment of the activity. Most of these shirts are made from synthetic and elastic fabrics, such as Cocona. This material provides fast drying and delays the appearance of odors.

Salomon and the Exo Sensitif Stability compression system

In the world of running meshes Salomon occupies a prominent place thanks to the development of one of the most revolutionary technologies in this field, such as the Exo Sensitif Stability. Thanks to it, there is a compression on the muscles and blood vessels that facilitates a good venous return, as well as an increase in muscle performance. In case it was not enough, with this technology of Salomon achieves a reduction and delay of the fatigue, avoiding the appearance of cramps. Can you ask for more?

Salomon and the innovative X-Alp collection

If we talk about innovation we can not overlook one of the collections that has revolutionized the concept of mountain footwear: the Salomon X Alp range. The jewel of this collection is undoubtedly the model of Alpine Mountain X Alpaca GTX, a specimen of mountain footwear designed for fast hiking.

It is a low cane model that incorporates a raincoat that gives the appearance of a mountain boot, although it really is not. It also incorporates a fairly rigid one, since it incorporates a carbon fiber structure that gives it the rigidity necessary to move comfortably in high mountain terrain while maintaining a little flexibility to move quickly when the ground allows .

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