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Running tights

Running tights

Equiping is essential and if you are passionate about the running you need to have the best tracks running on the market. Such, long or compressive, find in our extensive collection of running those that your legs are screaming and improving your performance instantly. I go to burn alone!

Drying and perspiration: the key to synthetic fabrics

Designed for such intense activity, one of the main properties of the running meshes is its ability to be breathable and offer a quick drying. These qualities are largely due to the synthetic fabrics made by these pieces. Fabrics such as polyamide, elastant and polireta are materials of rapid drying and its presence is common in sports pieces as intense as the trail running.

Microfiber in the running meshes

Another of the innovations regarding the construction of the running meshes is the incorporation of the microfibre. Pieces made from microfiber are more breathable than the best natural fibers and have excellent qualities of thermoregulation, which are perfectly suited for the highest intensity activities.

The high elasticity and rapid drying of the microfibre guarantee a piece with a perfect cut and optimal ventilation. It is very durable, durable and easy to maintain.

Improve your performance with running compression

One of the main innovations has been in the field of compressive clothing. These pieces are characterized to incorporate a system of muscular compression and they are characterized to regulate and facilitate the sanguineous flow, which facilitates that your performance is optimal.

One of the best known technologies in this field is the Exo Sensitif Stability of Salomon, one of the leading brands in the trail running compression mesh market. Thanks to it, there is a compression on the muscles and blood vessels that facilitates a good venous return, as well as an increase in muscle performance. In case it was not enough, with these compressive running meshes, a reduction and delay in fatigue is achieved, avoiding the appearance of cramps. Does anyone ask for more?

Muscle compressors, the icing on muscle compression

If you immerse yourself in the world of compression, you can not overlook one of the most specialized products in our entire collection: muscle compressors. These specimens, which you will find for both legs and arms, are characterized by optimizing muscle action, improving contractility, muscle tone and allowing better oxygenation of the muscle fiber during the effort.

In addition, its compressive technology gives us a postural correction that eliminates much of the vibrations of the muscle which results in an optimization of our effort, since with this correct positioning the muscle achieves maximum performance.

How to choose the best meshes for trail running?

With the proliferation of brands and models in recent years, the range of running meshes is increasing and when, after having sliced ??hundreds of copies, we have come to the desired moment to buy our meshes running the thing It is complicated more and more. We throw you a hand?

Short or long running meshes?

One of the main dilemmas when choosing a running mesh is whether we need to choose some that are short or long. The first thing you need to ask is at what time of year you will use them, since if you will run during periods of intense cold, long running mallets in winter will help you regulate the temperature in the area of legs.

However, if what you will do is run in a more benign time, what we recommend is that you choose such. And if you do not know what temperature you can do ... you can always opt for an intermediate point and take some pirates for running.

The second crossroads: the colors of the running meshes

Another of the usual doubts when buying some meshes for trail running is the choice of color. Beyond your personal taste, it is important to keep in mind that if you have planned night-time outings in your routine, where visibility is small, it is advisable that you choose a reflective color or that incorporate reflective elements.

Enjoy our men's running tights

If you enter our clothing collection for trail running you can enjoy a wide range of models for men, perhaps one of our largest collections in the field of trail running. Look for what you are looking for: short running men's meshes, long running men or pirates for men, ... You'll find them all here!

Do you search for women?

Nor is it behind our section of women's running meshes, probably one of the largest in our clothing collection for runners. In it you will be able to enjoy an extensive range of models and brands, and you are already looking for short women's knitwear or long knitwear meshes. And if what you are looking for is the cheapest women's carnet meshes, you'll also find the best price in our collection. You will find them all!.

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