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Running sunglasses

Running sunglasses

Running goggles are an indispensable complement to any runner. The runner of today takes care of all the details: slippers, clothes, GPS watches ... and the running glasses are not missing in the list.

Visual health can not be neglected, and the lack of eye protection is one of the factors that can reduce the performance of the runners. For this reason, it is necessary to protect the eyes of UVA rays, insects, particles, wind, rain, vegetation or any other element. This helps to have a clear and free view of distorted terrain.

At the same time, two main requirements of the runners are lightness and comfort at the time of running out. For this reason, all materials and accessories must be designed and manufactured in compliance with these two premises.

To be lightweight and flexible, from Vertic we recommend that they be plastic. This material, besides being highly comfortable, does not cause friction that hinders progress. But not only that. Being resistant to perspiration will prolong its useful life; since, otherwise, we could see ourselves forced to throw them after using them a few times.

Ergonomics is also another important benefit. To do this, keep in mind that you need specific goggles for practiced sports. In this case, running or trailrunning. They have to adapt perfectly to the face - behind the nose and physical features - the mount should not move during the race and neither should they be completely attached to the face; And it must be that there is ventilation because the lenses do not crack. In this way, vision is lost while running.

The patilles should not be rigid, and they should adapt as much as possible to our ears. Nor should they tighten; They simply have to hold their best to avoid both movement and fall. It is recommended that both the pins and the bridge be adjustable to achieve a better adaptation.

Types of glasses for running glasses

Without UVA treatment, neither tinted lenses nor dark lenses provide protection. So we present the different types of lenses that exist in the market:

Tinted lenses

Tinted or tinted lenses reduce the luminosity that reaches the eye depending on the intensity, offering different reactions to the light depending on the color of the lens.

A gray tone uniformly transmits light through the spectrum and respects the natural colors. The yellowish optimizes the contrast in those cloudy days or in conditions of low luminosity. Greenish does not alter the perception of colors, and a brownish tone filters the blue radiation by increasing contrast and depth of field.

Polarized lenses

Polarized lenses block or allow the penetration of light depending on the angle of incidence. The light radiates in all directions; nevertheless, the reflections penetrate in the eye bouncing on some surface that, sometimes, intensifies its radiation.

From Vertic we recommend the use of polarized lenses for activities that are practiced in the high mountains; Especially, both in those areas with snow presence and in which the presence of reflections is abundant.

Photocromatic or zebra lenses

Zebra or photochromatic lenses are mounted in a large number of different frames, so its use is aimed at the practice of different activities.

Photocromatic lenses or zebra of category 2-3 are directed to all those activities that develop in medium or low mountain whenever there is no presence of snow.

Zebra or photochromatic lenses of category 2-4 are recommended for alpine activities.

Since we do not always receive the same amount of UVA rays, the protection should not always be the same. Thus, the optimum adapts according to the intensity we receive at all times. It always provides total UV protection, but it is clarified or obscured depending on the needs of the eye.

Thanks to the application of silver, copper or aluminum chloride films, the optic reacts to ultraviolet light. Its use is highly recommended in areas where they combine sunny areas and shaded areas.

Filters for glasses for running

Knowing and interpreting the information on the running glasses will be of great value to get the best model based on the field in which we develop the activity.

The class or filter category goes from 0 to 4. This classification is governed by the UNE-EN ISO 8980-3: 2014 standard, and catalogs the filters according to their intensity regardless of the color of the lens.

Sunscreens of category 0 integrate lenses with a light transmission between 80-100%. This means that all color lenses and lenses with a very soft color are of category 0.

Category 1 lenses are lenses with soft coloring and are used to lightly mitigate the annoyance caused by exterior light. Because of their light color they can be used practically in any circumstance, although they are not sufficiently dark to use in full sun.

Category 2 lenses have a darker color, and are suitable for use on land with a medium brightness.

Category 3 lenses have a dark enough color to make them comfortable in full sun. With a transmission between 8 and 18% they have an adequate coloration for sun protection in most circumstances.

The lenses of category 4 are adapted in circumstances of special luminosity. They are very dark and from Vertic we recommend them on those occasions in which a filter of category 3 is not sufficient: mainly high mountain, desert and other occasions in which a very dark lens is required.

So, if you have questions when choosing your glasses for running, let yourself be advised by our specialists. Based on your needs, we will give you the model that best suits your requirements.

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