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Running socks

Running socks

Every season we renew the running team. We look for some sneakers better than those we use in order to minimize the risk of injuries and allow us to improve our performance. Next to the slippers we are doing with new technical shirts, new meshes, but ... what about running socks?

Good footwear is essential and it is the main element of any runner's closet, but you should know that there are also socks directed solely and exclusively to the practice of running. And, in Vèrtic, you will find a wide collection for women and men.

They result are essential for the care of our feet. There are many types and designs ... Usually we overlook the use of them, believing that they serve us. However, the reality is that its use has the same or even greater importance than good sneakers.

They are the first layer, the first external element that is in contact with our skin. Therefore, the first function is to offer protection at our feet. We know this in Vèrtic, that's why we have a great variety for men and women.

But not only this, as they are a preventative against injuries, while their design is designed to take into account aspects such as moisture, body temperature, blood circulation, pressure, friction, blistering or sores. Check everything you need with our specialists to find the right socks for women or men suitable for you.

The manufacture of the same is devised taking into account factors such as perspiration, the absence of seams or the presence of flat seams in the area of ??the fingers. In Vèrtic, advised by our specialists, you will find the socks for running that best meet your needs and demands. We want you to enjoy while you are running, that is why in our collection we have the most technical male and female running socks on the market.

Synthetic fabric for our running socks

Years ago the use of cotton socks was considered the best to run, but the technological evolution in recent times has led to the appearance of women's and men's socks made of synthetic fabric. Cotton fabric easily absorbs moisture, something that favors the appearance of scratches, blisters or fungi, as well as easily losing its shape with the use.

They are usually made of synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, polyester or elastane derivatives, materials that favor transpiration and prevent our feet from sweating, something that results in the appearance of scratches or sores.

Sleeves for seamless running or with flat seams

Another aspect to take into account with socks for running are seams. Look for seamless manufactured models or, at least, with flat seams. This will help you minimize the risk of scratches or blisters at your feet; In fact, they are usually known as anti-war socks.

Another virtue that characterizes them, is the incorporation of a reinforcement of damping in the points where the foot is more frictional in contact with the footwear like the plant and the sides.

The socks for running, as well as being characterized by the reinforcement of damping at certain points, are designed to produce a tight feeling around the middle part of the foot and the heel, while leaving the space between the fingers.

High socks for running

Their role is to produce compression on the muscles and blood vessels that favor a good return from the venous flow during exercise, as well as an increase in muscle performance. High socks for running, at the same time, promote recovery and keep the muscles in the right position for optimal performance.

In addition to achieving optimal performance, they achieve a reduction and delay in fatigue, thus preventing the appearance of cramps.

Although they are not an essential element for any runner, from Vèrtic we recommend the use of high socks for running. Its function is the same as the one of the compressor sleeves for legs.

The compression technology of high socks for running provides a postural correction that eliminates much of the vibration of the muscle, resulting in an optimal effort as the muscle is concentrated and in the correct position for maximum performance. The use of high socks for running slows the phenomenon of heavy legs and considerably reduces the cramps.

Running socks for women

Advised by specialists, in Vèrtic you will find the running socks for women that best suit your needs. Short socks, high socks for running, design ... our wide collection of socks for running will allow you to evaluate a wide range of possibilities for you.

Running socks for men

If you are looking for a man-made socks, Vèrtic is your site. In our stores you will find a wide variety of models for men: low cane, medium cane, high cane, compressor ... Come to one of our stores and, advised by our specialists, give in the key with the best for you

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