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Running backpack

Trail running Backpacks

The trail running is still rising. Increasingly, sportspeople are more likely to run paths and paths surrounded by nature in search of new adventures, so that manufacturers continue to develop and later commercialize more and more technical products aimed at trail running.

Trail running shoes are the main element of the trail running corridor closet, but for the satisfactory practice of this sport it is necessary to complete the equipment with another series of fundamental materials, ranging from clothing to running trail backpacks.

The trail running backpack will allow you to bring with your gel, hat, water, clothing or the necessary material during the dispute of a test. In short, everything you need during the runing trail.

Aspects such as the litratge or the number of compartments to store the materials to be transported will vary depending on your requirements. For this reason in Vèrtic you will find the one that best suits your needs. We have a large collection of trail running backpacks to find the one that best suits your needs for benefits and, at the same time, that you feel identified with its design.

Ergonomics, adjustment, lightness and breathability of your running trail backpack

In the mountains, and running, the less weight with your trail trailpack running much better. We do not refer to the weight of the trail trail-like backpack -aspect that we will try a few lines below-, but we're talking about the materials you load in it. However, ergonomics, adjustments, lightness and breathability make up the four key aspects to value when purchasing your trail running pack.

First of all, it is essential that your track trail knapsack adapts to your morphology. If this is not the case, although the rest of the services meet your demands, look for a trail running backpack that fits your back to perfection.

Trail running backpacks should move with you with any movement, since a good ergonomics of your trail running backpack will facilitate mobility while, if not, it can cause you to scratch the movement. When you find your track trail knapsack try it and adjust it with and they are weight, even trout; Since the adaptation of trail trailers is not the same in movement as in static.

Another important aspect is the lightness of the running trail knapsack. As we said before, it is very important that your running trail bag is very comfortable and, at the same time, as light as possible to drag as little weight as possible during your adventures.

The breathability of trail running backpacks is another essential feature to enjoy avoiding discomfort, scratching and even sores. The breathability in running trail backpacks allows the evacuation of sweat thanks to the materials and the manufacturing technique.

In the same way that trail running backpacks incorporate the elastic power mesh mesh to make the running trail backpack fit to our body in conditions of maximum demands for mobility, balance and stability, running trail backpacks also incorporate the 3D air mesh technology, a material that generates a lot of breathability by getting a quick drying to increase our comfort; and, therefore, our performance.

At Vèrtic we have a wide catalog of trail running backpacks so you can find the perfect model to enjoy your workouts and competitions. Visit us and find it!

Hydration system and compartments in the trail running backpacks

The hydration system and the compartments of your trail running backpack are two other important features to choose one or the other, as we can differentiate between two types of hydration systems in trail running backpacks: Hydration bags (camelbaks) in the central compartment of trail running pack or soft-flask located in the different compartments.

Camelbaks are built into the central compartment of your running trail bag and allow a large amount of water to be charged; However, to fill it you are forced to stop and you are conditioned in a single liquid.

Soft-flask, meanwhile, allow you to bring less water in the trail running backpack. However; They grant a license to fill, for example, a water and other drum with salts and hydrates. Another of its advantages is that to fill out the soft-flask it is not necessary that you carry the back trail backpack behind you as they are stored.

The compartments of the trail runner's backpack in which you can place the soft-flask, in addition, are also best for storing other elements such as gels, bars or other food products.

Another need for trail running backpacks is the incorporation of reflective elements, as well as the possibility of incorporating a compartment to transport the canes.

Your running trail backpack is ideal depending on your needs

To decide what type of trail trailer is better suited to our needs, we need to put a series of conditions on the table. Some of those that will help us to guess with ours are the distance that we travel or the compulsory material that we need to take with us if we take part in tests.

For ultra-trail testing, from Vèrtic we recommend the use of trail running backpacks with a capacity of around 12 liters, as they allow us to transport supplies, spare parts and everything we need.

For testing, such as marathons, half marathons or verticals, we recommend the use of those with a capacity of between five liters or less. Even, depending on the distance, we can dispense with the running trail knapsack using a kidney.

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