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Rock climbing

Rock climbing

 Classical climbing is a form of climbing in which the goal is nothing more than to raise or lower walls of rock characterized by their verticality. In other words, classic climbing focuses on the wilder side of verticality. For the practice of this activity, recoverable security material is used in practically its entirety; adding, in addition, the use of artificial means.

The difficulty of the classic climbing routes is marked by the climber himself once he has opened the road and chains it in Rot Punkt. At that moment, the athlete assigns a degree difficulty considering aspects such as the inclination of the wall, its length, the total number of movements or the amount and state of the grips.

For a comfortable and safe practice we need to use a series of material such as, for example, the feet of the cat, harnesses, tapes, carabiners, fissures or friends, among others.

Both in the Vèrtic stores and in the Vèrtic online shop you will find the best material for the practice of classical climbing.

Climbing shoes
For both the most experienced and for those who are starting in the world of classical climbing it is very important to use a few climbing shoes suitable for the practice of classical climbing.

This footwear is characterized by its lightness, its flexibility and its high adherence to the ground, something transcendental to perform any movement with precision.

The climbing shoes have to be totally adjusted to the feet for our ascents, but they do not have to do damage. In addition, with the use of climbing shoes tend to occur.

Vèrtic offers a wide variety of models and brands of cat's feet so you can enjoy your activity.

From Vèrtic we recommend the use of longer and longer ropes for the practice of classical climbing, since each time the new routes that are opened are longer. For us, a good rope for classic climbing is that superior to 50 or 60 meters long.

Both in our physical stores and our online store you will find the best ropes to enjoy as never before.

The helmet is an indispensable element for the practice of this discipline. The helmet protects the skull before falls or blows. Now, an optimal helmet for the practice of sport climbing has to provide comfort and ventilation.

From Vèrtic we recommend the use of a helmet as an essential safety element. Unfortunately, to this day it is still common to travel areas in which the hull shines by its absence.

In Vèrtic stores you will find a wide variety of models, brands and designs of helmets, so that you go well protected.

The carabiners are part of the equipment necessary for the practice of classical climbing, and are elements to hold the ropes in the shape of a hook or ring.

In the market of the carabiners there is a great variety of models, sizes and brands, so in Vèrtic you will find the ideal carabiners for your climbing in classic climbing.

Express ribbons
The express ribbons are a classic climbing material composed of a carabiner on one end to pass the rope and, on the other, another carabiner to pass through the sheet.

In the market of the express tapes there are different types, but from Vèrtic we recommend that for classic climbing, they use somewhat longer strings than those used in sport climbing.

However, if there is something mandatory for safety reasons is that the express treadmills for classic climbing are homologated.

Belay Device
Another very important security element for the practice of classical climbing is the belay device. Your task is to block the rope in the event of a fall during the classical climbing practice.

In the market of belay devices there are several types, designs or brands. From Vèrtic we emphasize in particular two models: the  Eddy and the Grigri.

The Eddy is an automatic classic scale belay device, which means that in case of noticing a friction outside the standards automatically blocks the rope. However, during the practice of classical climbing it is totally forbidden not to have the rope held in spite of using an automatic belayer like the Eddy.

In the case of the Grigri, its peculiarity is its widespread use by a large number of climbers. This belay device is not automatic, so during the classic climbing practice you must always have the rope attached in order to avoid jolts or falls.

The harness is the element of classic climbing that acts as a link between the safety mechanisms used and our body. It is essential, therefore, to hit the harness.

The choice of the classic climbing harness will depend on the size. In addition, a classic climbing harness must be homologated and must be manufactured with the best safety material.      

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