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Outdoor shoes

Expertise is our strength. When running, walking, climbing ... trust our advisers. Salomon, salewa, la sportiva, the north face ... your shoes a click away. Get up to 10% in every purchase. Just sign up. We send it to you at home or to the UPS access point network.

Outdoor shoes

Having the best of footwear is essential to achieve our goals in the mountains. Boots or slippers, waterproof or not, high, medium or low, ... the possibilities offered by our collection of mountain footwear are endless and will allow you to put on the best footwear and thus achieve your goals.

Mountain boots, slippers or sandals ... what to choose?

Come in and take a look at our collection and enjoy the variety we offer, from a long list of hiking boots, slippers and the freshest and most ventilated sandals. The widest of the varieties so you can find the most suitable one, enter and enjoy!

Put on your hiking boots or trekking shoes

The best option for those who want to enjoy hiking and trekking is to wear the mountain boots or trekking shoes that best suit your needs. Sole, cane, membranes, ... the offer we offer is wide enough so you can find what you are looking for.

For those trekkings in which we need to protect ourselves from water, the most suitable thing is, without a doubt, to choose it waterproof. The protection offered by these models lies in the waterproof membranes that incorporate inside, mainly Gore-Tex and its different variants, which will keep our feet dry and safe from getting wet at any moment.

Trekking sandals, your allies in the heat

When the temperatures are high and we want to enjoy the trekking, the most recommended are good trekking sandals. It will keep our feet dry, ventilated and protected, while offering optimal traction to walk with maximum safety in each of our steps. A highlight of the trekking sandals is the traction of their soles, which thanks to the compounds they incorporate help us to keep hold of us, especially in smooth or wet areas. This type of mountain footwear also incorporates antibacterial treatments, effective to prevent the appearance of bacteria that cause bad odor and favor the appearance of fungi.

Boots and high mountain footwear

For those who are looking for the best option for the high mountains, we recommend visiting our extensive collection of boots. For mountaineering, ice climbing or expedition, this footwear will keep your feet warm and offer you the best features so that you always reach your goals.

Impermeability in high mountain footwear

To enjoy the high mountain it is essential to keep our feet dry and hot, so the presence of waterproof membranes in high mountain footwear will be more than important. These fabrics will keep us protected from water in an activity in which contact with snow or water can be more than usual.

If we talk about waterproof membranes in high mountain footwear we have to talk about Gore-Tex. This offers a wide range of variants -Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort or Gore-Tex Performance Comfort, among others- that always give us the optimal response at all times.

One of the most interesting variants of the Gore-Tex membranes is, without any doubt, the Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort. This fabric is designed for cold climates and combines a durable waterproofing, optimal breathability and good thermal insulation thanks to its insulating lining. With this membrane water and snow do not penetrate the high mountain footwear, keeping us protected and dry at all times.

Footwear of high mountain: cramponables or semicramponables

Another aspect that we should value when choosing our high mountain boots is whether they allow automatic or semi-automatic crampons. The boots prepared for automatic crampons have some slits in the front and rear to be able to place them. For its part, the high mountain footwear that only supports semi-automatic crampons has notches or notches only in the heel area.

We have the men's mountain shoes you're looking for

Having the best equipment possible is essential when going out to the mountains and that is why our men's collection that we offer is one of the most extensive. A great variety in design, brands and features to find the shoe or shoe you're looking for.

Enjoy our collection for women

If you are looking for a women's mountain shoes, we invite you to visit our range of models. In it you can find the copy that best suits your needs because you can find boots or shoes with different types of soles, cramponation systems or waterproof features.

Find also the best mountain shoes for children

The smallest mountaineers also have their corner among our collections, since we have a range of footwear for children. This footwear will be your great ally and will help you to start in the world of the mountain with the most comfortable boots and that best protect your feet when it comes to walking in the mountains.

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