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Mountaineering gear

Are you looking for a mountain material store in Barcelona or an online mountain material store? You are in the right place! In 1995 Vertic opened its doors with a small store in Sabadell. More than two decades later, Vertic has grown and has mountain material stores in Barcelona, ??Sabadell and Manresa and an online mountain store where you can find the most outstanding collections of the best brands in the world outdoor

Both in our stores and in our online store you can find the latest developments and innovations for mountain skiing, mountaineering, hiking, trekking, canyoning, trailrunning, sport climbing, classical climbing or alpine climbing, among other sports outdoor. So, in our catalog, you can enjoy a wide list of products that will allow you to enjoy the mountain as you have never done before.

Mountaineering gear

Mountaineering is a sport that brings practically all the disciplines to the mountain. Practicing mountaineering requires knowledge to move different lands, with changing weather conditions and for long days.

The material of mountaineering must be very technical and very resistant, since it can not leave us thrown at the worst moment. Therefore, both in our mountain material stores in Sabadell, Manresa and Barcelona, ??and in our online mountain store we have what you need to enjoy without climbing mountaineering.

A wide collection of technical mountain top made up of technical jackets, feather jackets, insulated jackets, waterproof pants, thermal clothing, gloves, caps and accessories are waiting for you in Vertic.

But not only that, since you can also enjoy a wide range of boots and an extensive collection of harnesses, helmets, piolets, tents, backpacks and a myriad of products necessary for the practice of ' mountaineering

Mountain ski equipment

Wanting to go skiing? The products we put from Vertic at your disposal are designed, manufactured and tested to cope with the harsh winter conditions in the high mountains.

Our collection of skiing for mountain skiing is made up of models of the best brands outdoor. Skiing is our direct contact with the snow, so they must respond to changing weather conditions and irregular terrain.

On mountain ski boots we do not only ask for lightness, warmth and comfort. In Vertic we are demanding, and we want our catalog to be a mountain ski boots that have a long route in their cane, which facilitates climbing in snow and rock and most importantly, allowing us to enjoy of descent

But our mountain ski material collection does not end here. Both in our online store of mountain material and in our mountain material stores in Barcelona, ??Manresa and Sabadell you can find fixations, seal skins, ski poles, arva, snow blades, snow probes, helmets Cross-country skiing or cross-country skiing bags. Everything, designed and manufactured by the best brands outdoor.

Trailrunning material

Trailrunning is a booming and homeless activity. More and more fans are running on the mountain, who are encouraged to stretch their legs and make miles for the mountain in search of new challenges by practicing an overcoming sport.

In the world of trailrunning slippers are the fundamental component to enjoy the activity. Each slipper is designed and manufactured to offer unique features with respect to the rest, which is why it is very important to make the right choice.

Cushioning, type of sole, stability, protection, adjustment, type of treadmill or impermeability are factors to put on the table when making the decision of choosing a trailrunning sneaker.

However, the trailrunnin does not end up in sneakers. Clothes and material such as pulsometers, backpacks, kidneys, walking sticks, frontals, hydration bags and glasses make up our collection of products to practice trailrunning.

Climbing gear

How can we not have climbing gear in our mountain equipment stores in Manresa, Sabadell and Barcelona and in our online store of mountain furniture living in the Mecca of this sport? Rock and climate make our territory a true paradise for climbing lovers.

Our extensive collection of climbing products includes clothing at the climbing shoes, harnesses, cords, helmets, express ribbons, carabiners, followers, crashpads and a long list that will facilitate the chords and help you achieve degree you both persecuted
Hiking material

The footwear for hiking must be comfortable and light to enjoy the maximum of the routes. There are sandals for hiking, slippers for hiking and hiking boots, and the shoes that best suits both the weather conditions and the technical characteristics of the terrain are chosen.

Do you need help to make the right decision? Our team of specialists, based on your information, will help you choose the shoes that best suits your needs.

But the list of products necessary for hiking you can find in Vertic is much wider. Clothes, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and walking sticks await you to help you complete your routes.

Material trekking

If we have material for hiking, how could we not do it for trekking? The majority of the product that forms our material catalog for trekking shares a section with hiking. But, remember. Undertaking trekking requires more physical and material preparation.

Material canyoning

Canyoning is a sport that drags in every way. But what we want is that you enjoy the maximum of the jumps and slides, riding a rapel and recovering the strings. So ... why not take a look at our material canyoning?

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