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Outdoor clothing

More than 20 years selling outdoor clothing is our guarantee. Choose in between the best outdoor clothing brands. Become member of our community and enjoy of our discounts for customers from now on.


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Outdoor Clothing

Achieving our goals is not always an easy task, but if we have the right material, you will surely get it. It does not matter if you are looking for high mountain clothes, climbing mountains, or the most demanding mountaineering or lighter, ... enter our collection and you can enjoy the best models and the best brands because, as ours says motto, in Vèrtic always equip your dreams.

Equip yourself with our jacket collection

Among all the clothes that you can find in our stores, undoubtedly one of the most important aspects when it comes to equipping us is choosing a good jacket. Waterproof, insulated, feathered, windbreaker, ... finds what you are looking for and enjoys * outdoor with the best of clothing.

Waterproof jackets

The fight against the elements is essential in the mountain and if you want to win it you can not ignore our collection of waterproof jackets. These pieces are an outstanding feature of our * mountain equipment as thanks to the variety of membranes that they incorporate, they will keep us protected from the elements while enjoying the outdoor.

In the world of waterproof jackets you can find from simple and minimalist specimens designed for lighter activities, to jackets with a special reinforcement in terms of resistance or durability and designed to withstand the most adverse conditions in the mountain ... everything A range of possibilities in terms of waterproof mountain clothing.

Insulated jackets or down jackets?

To protect us from the cold in the mountain, few pieces are more suitable than feather jackets. Thanks to the thermal capacity of the pen, which with its great compressibility offers a warmth within the reach of very few fabrics, these pieces are the best ally you can find among the garments to go to the mountain.  Compressible and warm, the feather jackets are the best mountain equipment you can find.

One of the conditions of this type of jackets is that it requires a specific maintenance, since it is a mountaineering clothing with special characteristics. It is essential that these pieces do not get wet or remain compacted for a long time and that their washing is done either in dry cleaning or at home, always with some trick so that the garment retains its padded appearance during washing.

At the time of drying the piece it is advisable to do it in a dryer in a synthetic clothing program or, if you do not count on it, let it dry your jacket for several days and whip it with a certain frequency to prevent it the feathers remain stuck and harden.

Jackets Insulated

The main characteristic feature of insulated jackets is that they incorporate a thermal insulation of synthetic fiber. For their preparation, these jackets are perfect for activities in which weather conditions are intense cold, so they are very functional pieces for those who love mountaineering, alpine climbing or mountain skiing, among other activities outdoor.

They are also an interesting option for those activities in which moisture management is an important factor, since incorporating synthetic insulation ensures insulated jackets a good transpiration and evacuation of moisture.

Other types of jackets: softshell and windstop

In the category of jackets we also distinguish other types of pieces, such as jackets with softshell and what we call windbreaks. The softshell jackets have a three-tricap construction that offers us optimum performance in breathability, elasticity and resistance, while providing a slight resistance to water. These pieces are perfect for the mountain in those activities in which the cold conditions are not extreme.

If, on the other hand, what you are looking for are mountain pieces for highly aerobic activities such as trail running, you need to take a look at the windbreaking jackets. These pieces, thanks to their membranes, offer a protection against the wind without renouncing excellent transpiration. At the same time, they are easily compact and very lightweight


Among the many pieces that make up what we know as mountain clothes, the trousers are one of the basic elements when it comes to equipping us. Discover what possibilities we offer in our collection and bring those trousers that best suit what you are looking for.

Differences between fiber pants and pen

The offer is very wide and that is why it is advisable to know what are the pieces that fit most with our needs. In the case of trousers, it is of particular importance to recognize the differences between the models of pen and those that incorporate synthetic fibers.

Feather pants are a piece specially indicated for extreme cold conditions. These trousers, especially warm thanks to their hot and compressible feather filling, is a mountain clothing specially designed for use on the expedition. For its part, fiber specimens have a wider use that encompasses activities such as mountaineering, mountain skiing or trekking in height; and we will guarantee a great warmth and resistance.

Other types of trousers

Among the possibilities offered by the mountain equipment one of the most interesting options are running pants. These pieces, which you can find in both short and long models, achieve an optimal sweat evacuation while we practice intense and aerobic activities. In this way, we will keep dry while enjoying running or running.

If you are looking for trousers to go to the mountain, we recommend you check out our trekking pants. These pieces, which you can find in a wide variety of possibilities (short, long, impermeable, detachable, ...) are the best option for all those who want to enjoy hiking and trekking with pants that are fully adapted to your needs.

Thermal clothes of mountain or first layers

The thermal clothes of mountain, or also called 'first layers' for the famous tricapa dressing system, are our best ally when practicing outdoor sports. Its main function is to keep us dry, away from our sweat of the skin and thus preventing our body from cooling. In addition, they have a tight and elastic design that gives us a great freedom of movement.

Mountain thermal sensors: Natural or synthetic fabrics?

In the composition of the mountain thermal parts we can find both synthetic and natural fabrics. The advantage of synthetic fibers with respect to natural ones is that they do not retain moisture and maintain good thermal properties even when they are wet. For its part, the natural fabrics do not retain so much bodily odor as the synthetic fibers, being suitable for activities of several days.

Find your home equipping here

Enter our men's collection and in it you will find a wide variety of pieces, brands and designs so that, among them, you can buy your clothes online. If what you are looking for is a piece for aerobic activities such as trailrunning, you can not lose our ranges of both running pants and fleece jackets, they will definitely help you.

If on the contrary you are looking for more technical pieces, we recommend that you consult our models of jackets and pants. You can take from one piece of feathers to one of fiber, going through specimens that incorporate the most technical membranes and fabrics on the market.

All the technical clothes of women you are looking for

Do not hesitate and enjoy the models that we offer in our mountain collection for women. For this we put at your disposal our largest variety of models, brands and designs, so you can find just what you need and complete your clothing for the mountain with that piece you were looking for.

One of our most prized ranges is undoubtedly the high mountain clothes. In it, you can equip with the best material on the market, from the most resistant jackets and techniques to pants designed for the most adverse situations. In addition, you can also enjoy our models of mountain thermal clothing and second layers to complete your equipment.

Equip the children with the best children's clothing

We are a mountain store that does not want to set aside the smaller ones, and for this reason we want to offer you the widest variety of pieces for them. Jackets, thermal clothing, trousers ... everything you can imagine and more because the more people in the house are well equipped to go to the mountain.

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