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The innovation to increase the performance of the Mountaineering material is constant, since it will be subjected to the toughest conditions and to a constant mistreatment. Resistance will be one of the most valued characteristics in general, but provided that it is balanced with a reasonable weight. This is the challenge for the manufacturers, for us, to equip you for your ascents.
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Mountaineering is the mountain activity that all comes to mind when we imagine climbing mountains. It originates in the mountains of the Alps at the end of the 18th century and is also the set of techniques, knowledge and skills necessary for this type of activity.

Originally it was an activity of the well-off classes - and even the nobility -, who were the only ones capable of paying a trip to the Alps and the infrastructure for a more or less prolonged stay. Practitioners were very few and for them it was an alternative form of holiday tourism.

At present it is considered more than a sport, since it comes from the ancient exploration activity of the human being that has a long history and very important traditions that determine a well-defined ethics, which consists in progressing through your own means And the net game with the mountains and with yourself.

Those who practice it, consider it a true lifestyle and a way of experimenting and interpreting the world that surrounds them.

From its beginnings this discipline has not stopped evolving, and little by little it skipped borders to become a global phenomenon. Also they were incorporating disciplines like the rock climbing and ice to reach the most difficult mountains, and the dream of reaching the inaccessible mountains derived in the expeditions to the Himalayas and to all the mountains of the world like form of continue with the exploratory spirit of this activity.

Within this activity several branches such as classic mountaineers coexist, which in the widest sense is to raise and lower mountains regardless of the difficulty.

It is also called technical mountaineering, which translates the concept into the toughest peaks or to more difficult routes than the normal roads that are often used for walking or with few difficulties.

Extreme mountaineering would be the wildest version as it would combine exploration, extreme difficulty, extreme risk conditions and high doses of uncertainty.

Finally, it is not the same to climb mountains in summer as in winter, being generally more complicated in winter. Even in climbs that are difficult in summer, the arrival of winter alters the appearance of the route, giving them a completely different character, especially for winter activities or in the so-called winter conditions which differ from the rest or summer.

Vertic is your mountaineering shop

Do you love this sport as much as us? In our stores you will find the best material to face your challenges in the mountains.

In Vertic we distinguish three great types of material for the practice of this sport: technical mountain clothes, boots and other material.

In the face of alpine ascents, the technical pieces play a transcendental role. And, in our stores, we have large collections of the best brands in the outdoor world.

Technical jackets, feather jackets, softshell jackets, insulated jackets, waterproof pants, softshell pants, thermal tights, thermal mesh, polar fleece, thermal underwear, thermal socks, gloves, caps and other accessories make up the catalog of technical clothing both for man and woman you can find in our physical stores as well as in our online store.

In any outdoor sport, footwear is one of the most important elements in terms of safety. Therefore, given the conditions in this sport the boots, they assume an even higher role.

At Vertic stores we like to have the best footwear for this activity for both men and women. That's why our large collection of boots will allow you to fit with the shoes that best suits the characteristics of your next challenges.

And, just as Vertic opt for technical clothing and footwear to enjoy this sport without any excitement, we also do it with the material that will allow us to progress in the toughest conditions.

So, if you look at our collections, you can find backpacks, harnesses, helmets, sleeping bags, cords, tents, piolets, crampons, express tapes and a plethora of material for you favorite activity All, designed and built for the best outdoor brands in the market.

If you are looking for a mountaineering shop looking for advice when it comes to finding the most suitable material, congratulations. From Vertic we will be happy to provide you with our advice and our experience so you can enjoy the mountain as you have never done before.

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