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Mountain jackets

Technical Jaquet

Looking for a technical jacket for mountaineering? Then keep in mind two fundamental features that you must demand your pieces during your adventures: impermeability and breathability.

To win the battle to the different elements that accompany us to the mountain, we need maximum protection. Wind, rain, snow ... can seriously hinder progress. For this reason, having pieces prepared to support this type of situation is essential to enjoy the outings,

Both waterproofing and breathability are two of the most prized features in the outdoor world. And it is that, its use, is not conditioned neither in any station nor in any type of activity. Its versatility is undoubtedly one of its great advantages.

However. Except in countless exceptions, our decision will always have to be directed toward lightness or resistance. In those situations in which each gram explains, we will have to opt for mountaineering techniques that weigh little.

Its main characteristic is that they are made of very lightweight fabrics; nevertheless, they have less reinforced constructions and lower water columns. That yes, protecting yourself with such a minimal weight gives us the feeling that we do not even wear this type of piece.

On the contrary, there are activities or conditions in which it will be preferable to have a lightweight, more resistant piece; especially in those more extreme situations. Here we are forced to have pieces that incorporate reinforcements both in the areas of greater wear and tear and those that are more susceptible to sufferings with the elements.

The impermeability of fabrics is governed by the norm ISO 811: 1981. The test to which it is submitted is known as Schmerber or column of water, and the result expresses the height in millimeters that exists when the water passes through a tissue.

Through a graduated pipette, water is poured on the tissue to know what pressure the first drops begin to pass through. The result is expressed in millimeters of water column; and, the more millimeters or columns of water, the more impermeability of the garment.

The pressure exerted by the drops of a rain in normal conditions ranges between 1,000 and 2,000 millimeters, so that a fabric is considered impermeable from 2,000 millimeters.

Up to 5,000 millimeters protects against rain or light snowfall and without pressure. Up to 10,000 millimeters, before rain or light snowfall with some pressure. Up to 15,000 millimeters, before rain or moderate snowfall with some pressure, Up to 20,000 millimeters, before heavy rain or snowfall under pressure. And, more than 20,000 millimeters, for more intense rain or snowfall under pressure.

Measuring the breathability of the garments is not an easy task, since during the evaporation process different factors intervene, such as the temperature difference between the exterior and our body or the humidity of the environment.

For this reason, one of the most effective methods is that which is governed by the European standard ISO 11092, expressed in RET (Textile Resistance to Evaporation). The less the RET, the garment is more breathable; and that is, the RET, expresses the resistance to moisture passing through.

A RET between 1-6 offers a very good breathability, suitable for intense aerobic activities. Between 6-13, the breathability of outdoor clothing is good and suitable for moderate aerobic activities. A RET higher than 13 is not recommended for aerobic activities in the mountains.

In addition to waterproofing and breathability, there are other elements that we must take into account when making the decision between the different models offered by the market.

The presence of thermo-sealed seams prevents water from leaking between the different seams. And, it is useless to have a waterproof but the water goes through seams not heat sealed. The presence of watertight zippers also prevents water seepage.

To improve breathability, and therefore, ventilation, the presence of zippers in the armpits is a detail that we can not ignore. They allow to release excess heat without exposing the other layers of the garment to the outside while practicing activity.

The DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating - or permanent water repellency - is an outer layer applied to the surface of the mountaineering technical jacket and which causes the water droplets to slide without soaking.

While it is true that the piece remains impermeable without the DWR coating provided that it is constructed with waterproof fabrics and membranes, we avoid being saturated, take weight and lose some breathability.

So, if you are looking for mountaineering techniques jackets, at Vertic we have a wide catalog of models for both men and women. Go to our website or see us at any of our physical stores in Barcelona, ??Sabadell or Manresa. Tell us what you need and, with the help and advice of our specialists, equip yourself to enjoy your adventures.

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