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The best LA SPORTIVA selection for your outdoor adventures



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La Sportiva

From Italy, La Sportiva arrives, the reigning brand of mountain footwear par excellence. This historic brand born in the 1930s is the leading sports footwear company in all areas, ranging from climbing to mountaineering, trekking, cross-country skiing and, in recent times, trail running .

La Sportiva footwear and boots

Mountain footwear is one of the great attractions of the La Sportiva collections, especially with regard to its more technical footwear. However, this Italian manufacturer offers us year after year sneakers and boots to enjoy the mountain with the shoes that best suits our needs.

One of the characteristic features of La Sportiva's mountain footwear collection is that its models incorporate Impact Brake System technology, developed by this Italian brand. This allows the expansion of the components of the sole to absorb the impacts during the march, thus reducing the impact on our feet.

The irruption of the Gore-Tex Surround

This Italian manufacturer has an interesting range of sneakers and mountain boots to enjoy trekking. In this collection, models with Gore-Tex Surround have been radically eroded, it transfers moisture and heat through the Gore-Tex laminate to an open structure space and, from there, evaporates to Outside for lateral ventilation.

The result is a few dry feet, a greater comfort and a reduction in the risk of blisters and scratches. This new technology does not affect the grasping and stability of the footwear, since the sole is not affected. The models Core High or Primer Low are some examples of La Sportiva trekking boots with this technology.

La Sportiva mountain boots

One of the great attractions of the La Calzada footwear collection is undoubtedly its offer for high mountain boots and expedition boats. In this sense, the Italian manufacturer has models that combine the most innovative designs with a more than proven quality. If we are talking about the mountain and mountaineering boots of this Italian brand, special mention deserves the series of La Sportiva Trango boots, which with a wide range of models (Guide, Cube or Extrem Evo) have become a reference for more alpine public

La Sportiva ski boots

Other of the attractions of La Sportiva footwear is its range of ski boots. In this collection the Italian manufacturer bets for the maximum lightness in their models of boots, at the same time for greater durability and comfort. If you are looking for a ski boots for mountain, competition or freeride, La Sportiva is the answer.

One of the great attractions of this collection is the La Sportiva Specter boot model. It is a ski and mountain boot and a freeride especially lightweight that not only incorporates 4 locks, but also allows a rotation of 60th in the ankle. This La Sportiva boot provides perfect fit and fastening with a minimum weight, which has established new standards in mountain skiing, both in terms of performance, as well as in handling and comfort.

La Sportiva trail running shoes

In recent years, La Sportiva has decided to go into the world of trail running, achieving a surprising success with some of its star models: the Ultra Raptor and the Bushido. His determined commitment to this sector has dedicated the running trail slippers of La Sportiva as one of the great references in the world of running shoes.

Bushido and Ultra Raptor, two great achievements of La Sportiva

La Sportiva Ultra Raptor slippers are one of the references between trail running shoes of this brand. It is a shoe designed for use in long distances and has a great grip thanks to its unique Frixion XF that also incorporates the Impact Brake system, which helps us to absorb the impacts and prevent them from impacting on the sole of the our feet

Other featured models of this trail running collection include La Sportiva Bushido slippers. Designed for medium and long distances, this shoe provides us with perfect stability in all types of irregular ground thanks to the STB Control technology. In addition, it has a very adherent single with very aggressive tacos.

The climbing shoes of La Sportiva

Another of the most outstanding collections of this Italian brand is, undoubtedly, that of her cat's feet. The models of La Sportiva are synonymous with quality and because of this it has the spectacular form of La Sportiva as well as the adherence of the Vibram soles, proprietary and patented by La Sportiva, and its variant XS-Grip, which It also ensures a high resistance to wear and tear. Models like La Sportiva Solution, Miura or Catana have marked a before and after in the prestige of this brand among the climbers.
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