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Ice climbing equipment

Ice climbing equipment

Blessed material for ice climbing! With the arrival of the winter and the cold, lovers of this sporty modality on the mountain unleash the specific team for their practice.

Although it is a sporty activity at risk, its maximum enjoyment. In her techniques totally different to those used in other sports in the mountain are put into practice. However, for this, both technical knowledge and ground recognition are required to undertake the adventure with maximum security and protection possible.

The time of the year, The temperature, height, location and orientation of the waterfall can not be overlooked before the start of the day. And it is that, both the texture and the quality of the gel, it is never the same in the same place from one year to another, from one month to another, from one week to another or even from one to the other, one day to the other.

You also have to keep in mind the types of ice. We distinguish three main types: waterfalls, runners and glaciers.

Ice cascades are formed at low altitudes during the winter, provided that the conditions accompany. In high heights we can find ice cascades throughout the year, especially in areas protected by rocks or shady.

In the waterfalls, the quality of the texture of the ice for the placement of the insurances must be taken into account. However, it is very important that the base of the ice cascade contact the ground to prevent its collapse with the bumps of the piolets.

Ice runners are found between rocky walls. When dealing with ice runners, you should take into account the most likely detachment of snow, ice or even rocks.

To progress through the ice runners, we will try, as far as possible, to be as close as possible to the rocks. The reason is not to avoid blows with possible loopholes and place insurances on the same rocks.

Ice glaciers, on your part, provide the most solid, old and permanent gel with respect to these three types. Therefore, this sport modality can be practiced throughout the year in ice glaciers.

Before entering on the subject, we want to make a small reminder of the most suitable clothing for this sport modality in the mountains.

Although it is true that the ice is synonymous with cold, it is necessary to keep in mind that with the effort you will generate heat. It is necessary to go warm, but to a certain extent. Of course, the most important thing is to stay dry. For this reason, from Vertic we recommend the traditional layers system when dressing to deal with any weather conditions.

The first layer has the function of evacuating moisture and sweat in the form of steam. The mission of the second layer is the retention of heat. And, the third layer, aims to provide the necessary protection against any weather conditions offering breathability and waterproofness.

Trunk down, from Vertic we recommend the use of thermal meshes, pants that keep the heat and a waterproof and breathable outer layer. Following, as in the upper part of the body, the system has three layers.

On the feet, in addition to a good sock, rigid, staggering, impermeable and thermal insulation boots are needed that tighten the heel area.

And, now, it is time to talk about the material for ice climbing.

The crampons must mount one or two vertical frontal tips. The crampons with a tip provide the necessary precision to an experienced climber, while the crampons with two tips provide greater stability. Now, the market offers multifunctional crampons with interchangeable tips depending on the terrain conditions.

The market also offers different types of technical hols, since depending on the conditions of the terrain one type or another will be needed. Lightweightly curved technical piolets for ice water cascades, technical vertical helmets suitable for glaciers or technical piolets for mixed lands or for dry tools are available.

The ice screws, in addition to allowing the installation of meetings, provide security to the climber that goes first. They have a function very similar to that of the cam lifters. Nowadays, the most common ice screws are made of aluminum, complemented with steel tips; a construction that has substantially reduced the weight of this material in recent years.

By norm, the ice strings are usually double for security issues. In addition, they are small diameters due to their lightness; oscillating the 8.2-8.5 millimeters in diameter. The ice strings, in addition, have incorporated hidrorepelent treatment.

Harnesses, helmets, carabiners, express ribbons or backpacks are part of the material for ice climbing necessary for the practice of this sport modality.

Do you have any doubts? Get closer to one of our physical stores and consult with our specialists. Your tips will allow you to find the ideal ice climbing material for your adventures in one of the most exciting mountain activities!

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