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Hiking shorts

Hiking Shorts

In order to go sporting the mountain, it is customary to wear using the tricapa system, also known as the layers system. Usually, this system refers to the part of the body that goes from the trunk upwards. However, it is very important to apply the waistcoat downwear dressing system.

The skin is directly in contact with the first layer. This first layer has the mission of eliminating the sweat generated by the body in the form of steam, while keeping the skin cool and dry. The pieces that form part of the conglomerate of first layers must be constructed with materials that dry fast. Habitually, the thermal clothing conforms the first layer.

Body heat is maintained thanks to the clothing that forms the second layer. This type of pieces must be made of synthetic fibers, since unlike the natural fibers, they retain much better heat. And one of the properties of these tissues is the ability to trap and protect the heat generated by the body. In addition, synthetic fibers dry much faster.

What kind of pieces protect against climatological and terrain adversity? The third layer! Wind, water, sun, rocks or vegetation are factors that can condition mountain outings. For this reason there are impermeable, breathable, lightweight and windproof parts that have the mission to protect. And, in the case of hiking shorts, there are pieces that meet one or other of these features.

Shorts for trekking or hiking

The shorts of trekking or hiking are pieces of clothes that share many benefits to enjoy the sport in the mountain. However, the most important are the following: they must be lightweight, comfortable and breathable. However, impermeability is also an attribute to be taken into account depending on the climatological or terrain characteristics.

Shorts for hiking must offer protection and resistance to elements such as wind, snow, rain or abrasion. For them, the big brands that manufacture outdoor material build models for hiking and trekking with different design and materials to adapt to different scenarios according to needs.

At Vertic we have a wide range of shorts for trekking or hiking shorts, made up of models from the best brands in the outdoor world. Visit some of our stores or take a look at our online catalog, explore all our opportunities and take part with that piece that adapts to your needs to enjoy your adventures.

Benefits of short trousers or shorts for hiking

Waterproofing - or at least hydrorepelence -, breathability and lightness, as we said, are important features to be met by short trousers or trekking shorts.

In the case of hiking shorts or short trekking trousers it is not necessary to provide warmth or protection against extreme temperatures to prevent lower limbs from getting cold in transit.

Synthetic fibers in hiking shorts or shorts for trekking

Our specialists recommend that natural fibers such as cotton, wool merino or tencel be removed from the closet to practice mountain sports. The natural fabrics are highly comfortable; However they absorb moisture very easily, retain a great deal of water and take a lot of time to dry.

At the same time, our specialists recommend that to enjoy the sport with no hassles short pants for hiking or short pants of trekking is made of synthetic fibers. Polyamide or polyester are two of the best fibers. And, in addition to being very comfortable fabrics, they have the ability to eliminate the sweat of our bodies in the form of steam. Also, they do not need to be ironed after washing.

Pockets in short pants for trekking or shorts for hiking

To store and transport material for the mountain that is needed by hand, the existence of zippered pockets in the shorts for hiking or shorts of trekking is important. In addition, the pockets in the short pants for trekking or short pants of senderismo allow a greater ventilation.

From Vertic we recommend the use of parts that contain as many pockets as possible - especially if they have zippered closures - because they can be safely transported by a multitude of materials.

Elasticity and resistance of short pants for trekking or short hiking shorts

The Vertic collection of both short trousers and shorts for hiking are made up of pieces that fulfill benefits such as elasticity and resistance. Elasticity is an attribute that favors the enjoyment of the outdoor, since an elastic piece accompanies the movements more.

Short pants for hiking or shorts for trekking is enough if it is elastic in two directions - horizontally to both sides - on the market there are short hiking or short pants for trekking in four directions: both horizontally as in vertical

The elasticity in four directions in short trousers or shorts for hiking is also known as multidirectional elasticity. Therefore, they offer greater comfort while further accompanying the movements.

At the same time, both men's and women's models must be constructed of durable materials; Especially freckles such as knees or buttocks.

Trousers for women

Looking for shorts for hiking or trekking? Take a look at our collections!

Men's Trousers?

If you need shorts for hiking or for trekking designed for men, explore our catalog. You will be happy with the choice!

Trousers for children

We also have models for the smallest of the house. Equip them as they deserve!

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