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Hiking shoes

Hikking shoes

A trek consists of walking on the mountain following a specific itinerary. In the world there are millions of people who love to ride the mountain in search of new challenges, enjoying nature. But to savor the adventure without breaks are necessary sneakers for trekking.

In the same way that it becomes a fundamental aspect to wear using the technique of the three layers to protect us from both weather conditions and ground elements, it is also a good mountain footwear to protect and take care of feet And good mountain shoes save you more than one headache.

In Vertic stores you can find a wide collection of sneakers for men as well as sneakers for women's trekking, made up of the best brands in the outdoor world.

Find your optimal footwear based on your needs

Normally we all start from the same question. What kind of footwear do I need? Well First of all, it is necessary to remember that "footwear for everything" does not exist. While it is true that multipurpose models exist in the market, each shoe is built to adapt to certain conditions.

Thus, the first step is to determine what type of terrain we tread and in what climatic conditions we do. If there is water in the form of rain, puddles or rivers, do not hesitate; Do it with a footwear that incorporates waterproof membrane.

Once the doubt of waterproof mebranty is resolved, the next step is to choose the shoes based on the difficulty of the route. If you are facing simple routes, from Vertic we recommend the use of soft footwear. If we talk about more technical routes with higher degrees of difficulty, a point of rigidity in the middle of the sole will give you greater protection. And, if the difficulty is extreme, it acquires a much more rigid model.

Sole, impermeability and breathability

Although it is true that usually walking on the mountain for a signalized route does not usually cause great difficulties, the routes of this type usually have degrees of difficulty higher than the hiking trails. Thus, the need to fit with the optimum footwear is even more significant.

Factors such as waterproofness and breathability, type of sole, stiffness or flexibility are elements that vary depending on the needs of both men's sneakers and sneakers for women's trekking. One option or another will be conditioned both in climatological conditions and in the type of terrain. That is why Vertic stores have a wide range of best outdoor brands.

Waterproofing is marked by the presence or absence of waterproof membranes. Inside the market for waterproof membranes for footwear, one of the best known is Gore-Tex.

There are different types of waterproof membranes Gore-Tex, and depending on the choice they provide some benefits or others. Thus, if the membrane is attached to the outer fabric, comfort and versatility are increased. On the other hand, if the membrane binds to the outer fabric and to the lining, it is achieved greater durability by reducing wear on the layers.

However, if you just go to the mountain when the weather conditions are favorable, you need a breathable footwear. The perspiration is achieved with grilles that give greater ventilation, in such a way that the foot breathes.

If you also go to the mountain when conditions are not so favorable, waterproofing is a major factor but it is also breathability. The breathability evacuates both humidity and sweat, and a shoe that does not transpire enough leaves the feet humid enough to cause cooling and a poor thermal thermoregulation, in addition to producing blisters, fungus and rubbing. In the outdoor market, there are dozens of waterproof and breathable models. Check all our catalog!

The sole is another element that can vary the decision between different models. Good taco and non-slip is very important to avoid unnecessary risks.

A good saver only saves on the ground, so an optimal take on the terrain and a good resistance to abrasion are the capital to enjoy the path. And, just as with Gore-Tex waterproof membranes, the Vibram soles market is one of the most recognized brands for its advanced technology and performance.

The drawing of the sole is designed to expel mud or other elements that can adhere to and hinder progression. In addition, help cushion and absorb impacts of the feet with the ground.

Resistance and lightness are other factors that can ultimately decay the decision towards one model or another.

With the help of our specialists you can evaluate all the aspects to take into account and choose the trekking shoes for men or women's sneakers that best suit your needs.

Hiking shoes for women

Have you looked at our women's trekking catalog? A wide range of models and brands await you both in our stores as well as at the Vertic online store.

Come on, let yourself be advised by our specialists and enjoy the mountain of women's sneakers that best suits your needs

Hiking shoes for men?

Of course we have! Our catalog brings together a wide variety of models of sneakers for men's trekking, made up of the best brands in the outdoor world.

Have you not yet found the trekking shoes for men that best suits what you are looking for? Go through the advice of our specialists and salt to eat the mountain.

Hiking shoes for children

In our stores we have a space reserved for the smallest of the house. Equip it with good mountain shoes for children to enjoy the mountain as never before!

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