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Hiking footwear

Hiking footwear

To get out of the way, we need to equip ourselves correctly, so that we can not avoid properly equipped. The feet assume a transcendental role during our adventures; For this reason, we need to protect our feet with the appropriate boots or sneakers.

In the Vèrtic catalog, we have the best of every manufacturer for men and women. Are you going to make a simple route? We will suggest a soft model. Is your journey more? Choose a product that incorporates a point of rigidity in the middle alone. However, if you are from the hard ones in Vèrtic, you will find trekking shoes for men and women built to prevent flex and torsion.

Do not forget, however, that to give in the key it is important to choose it based on the characteristics of the terrain and the climatology. These two factors are capital to be right with your choice. Both the terrain and the weather are two elements to be known in advance to buy the most suitable model for you.

Knowing elements such as terrain or climate is important when choosing correctly, because according to their characteristics, the type of sole, the breathability, impermeability, flexibility, rigidity or height of the footwear cane trekking for men or women will vary. In Vèrtic stores you will find the best advice to do with the boots or sneakers that you are pursuing.

If you like to walk the mountain, discover with Vèrtic a selection of footwear for trekking that responds to all your needs: protection, comfort, lightness, impermeability, breathability ... We are convinced that this pair you choose will take you to where you get your dreams.

Sneakers and boots form the ideal footwear for trekking

The boots are an indispensable element in your closet for the practice of this activity. They allow you to enjoy the mountaineering as never before. In addition, there is a wide range of possibilities for both women and men, starting with the type of sole and through the cane, breathability, lightness or impermeability.

On the other hand, the slippers are another option that you can value. In this case, much lighter than the boots. Like boots, the choice will also be conditioned by the weather and the terrain. In Vèrtic stores you will find a wide range of options to choose from and great advice from our specialists.

Transpirability, waterproofing and footwear for trekking

Although it is strange to see a number of membrane-free boots on the market, we will always recommend that you choose waterproof (or, at least, hydrophobic), you should have the ability to perspire and have only one instrument that will provide us with the same. Take hold on the ground conditions. In addition, we must be sure that the trekking footwear that we are going to buy is made of materials that, with an optimal use, guarantee durability.

An impermeable trekking footwear will protect us against possible adversities with water as the protagonist. In Vèrtic we have a large collection of waterproof models suitable for women and men. The membranes that incorporate inside are those that will keep us dry during the journey. As with most textile pieces, talking about waterproofing is synonymous with the well-known Gore-Tex membrane.

The footwear solo for trekking will give us the grip and optimal traction on the ground, with the aim of minimizing setbacks. In the market there are different types of soles, so if we know the characteristics of the terrain we can adjust the sole of ours to our needs.

Now, within all the possibilities of soles, the single Vibram is one of the most common and most prestigious.

The Vibram sole is constructed with a special type of rubber that allows it to not suffer changes depending on the temperature; In addition, the drawing that incorporates provides grip on different lands.

The strength of the Vibram sole that incorporates the footwear for trekking is very high, which guarantees the durability of our trekking shoes. Additionally, cleaning them is very easy, as it is enough with a brush and warm water.

Your trekking footwear is another factor to keep in mind. The models of footwear for trekking of high cane give us reinforcement on the foot, with a greater support on the foot and ankle. In contrast, medium cane models do not protect both the foot area but, in return, they offer us a lightness that we will appreciate during our routes.

Hiking shoes for women in Vèrtic

If you're looking for a trekking footwear for women, you're in luck. In the Vèrtic stores you will find a wide variety of models of women's footwear, so with the help and advice of our specialists you will find this women's footwear that meets your needs.

Transparent, impermeable, hydrophobic, lightweight, high reed, medium cane, variety of colors ... in Vèrtic you will find the key with this trekking footwear for women you are looking for.

Looking for a trekking footwear for men?

If we said that we have a large collection of women's footwear, with footwear for men we can say their own. In the Vèrtic stores you will find footwear for men that meets the services you require, as we have a wide variety of brands and designs so you can use the key with the trekking shoes for men that you are so persecuted.

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