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Hiking Clothes

Hiking clothes

To cope with any situation on the mountain it is important to dress up with the right pieces, because the weather conditions in the mountains can change quickly. This form of outdoor, in addition, often practised by little residides. These two issues are capital for optimal parts, as they have to be prepared to deal with any situation.

The system of layers in trekking clothes

Get the most out of the clothing for trekking is part of the ABC outdoor. For this reason, it is essential to use them in function of its design and of its benefits. And is that the technical parts are designed to provide protection against possible setbacks.

One of the worst enemies in the mountains can be sweat, as the sudden changes of body temperature can result in hypothermia. Synthetics in the trekking clothes are one of the biggest allies for mountain lovers, as well as to provide protection from the weather conditions regulate the body temperature.

The benefits of synthetic fabrics you need to exploit them to the fullest, and what better way than with the three-layer system known at the time to dress up.

The first layer is the one that stands directly in contact with the skin. Keep us cool and dry is your primary mission; In addition, their properties allow you to remove the sweat in the form of steam. The pieces that form the first layer must be absorbent and have to be built with materials of quick drying.

Keep the body temperature is the first objective of the pieces that are part of the second layer. Synthetic fibers are the most appropriate, since the heat is still much better than with natural fabrics such as cotton. In addition, the drying capacity of the synthetic fabrics is much greater than natural fibers.

Synthetics have the ability to retain the heat generated by the human body. For this reason, this type of parts mounted in the form of openings for venting when necessary and, thus, to regulate the temperature.

The function of the third layer is the protect any climatic adversity, whether in the form of Sun, wind, rain or snow. In addition, the reinforced areas of these pieces are designed to protect against friction with vegetation or rocks.

The main characteristics of the pieces intended for third layer are the following: waterproof, breathable, lightweight and folding screens. To get the waterproof, these pieces mounted waterproof membranes which one of the most popular for its performance are the Gore-Tex.

Types of trekking clothes

Thermal clothing

Thermal clothing is also known as a first layer, and is the one that is directly in contact with the skin. Thermal clothing is one of the biggest allies in the outdoor world, as well as to regulate body temperature keeps the body dry, ejecting the sweat from the skin in the form of steam.

The thermal pieces are the best choice in clothing to trekking to keep the body dry and regulate their body temperature during the practice of activity, and in the Vertic tents you can enjoy a wide range of thermal clothing both of men and of thermal clothing for women . Shirts, tights or underwear await you in Vertic.


Among the pieces that form part of the second layer, the polar lining is the most popular trekking clothes. It is situated above the thermal clothing or first layer, and retain the heat generated by the body during the practice of activity is its main function to prevent the loss of body temperature.

The fleece offers breathability, thermal regulation and comfort during the practice of activity, in such a way that it keeps the body warm and dry.

In Vertic outdoor we have a wide range of polar fleeces for the practice of business. Synthetic fibers are the real protagonists, but you need to get right with the synthetic fabric that best suits the activity practiced since each provides a different benefit.

Waterproof jackets

If the polar fleeces represent the second layers, waterproof jackets are the best exponent of the third layers. Their main mission is to provide the necessary protection against items such as the rain thanks to its waterproof capability, but other benefits such as breathability, lightweight or folding screens provide protection from other elements like the wind.

Out in the mountains with waterproof jackets for activity granted freedom as for not having to be looking to the heavens constantly.

Trekking pants

While it is true that usually talk about the system of layers of the trunk to the top, you must not be overlooked-from waist down. Our lower limbs should also be protected both the weather and the elements that we find on the mountain as rocks or vegetation. 

Trousers by trekking must be light and must provide enough comfort to move to the mountains with total freedom of movement.

Trekking pants market offers a wide range of possibilities, adapting to different scenarios depending on the weather conditions or the conditions of the terrain.

Are you looking for clothes for women trekking?

In stores you can find  clothes Vertic trekking for women. Thermal clothing, fleeces, waterproof jackets, pants ... a wide range consisting of the best outdoor brands.

Do you need bedding trekking for men?

If you are looking for clothing for Trek home, look no further. Have you seen all the possibilities you have in the tents * Vertic? Visit any of our stores of Barcelona, Sabadell and Manresa or browse our catalog online. Will realize with key to enjoy the well-equipped mountain!

Have you seen our catalogue of clothes to children's trekking?

A fundamental aspect for children to enjoy the mountain is a good team. And * Vertic you can find the best garments * trekking for children of the House!           

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