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Hiking backpack

Mountain Backpacks

What are the best mountain backpacks? Whether you're starting to the outdoor world or if you are a seasoned mountaineer and you need to renew your equipment, both in the physical stores of Vertic and in the online store you will find the model that best suits your needs.

As in almost everything, we must start from the premise that there is no perfect backpack for the mountain. Each model offers certain benefits, so it is very important to make the choice when choosing the one that best suits our requirements.

The first thing to keep in mind is choosing according to the activity to be practiced, since they do not offer the same benefits that are aimed at the practice of cross-country skiing, hiking, mountaineering or climbing. Each of them must perform some functions, so that the manufacturers of mountain backpacks adapt each model to the needs of each sport.

However. Aspects such as capacity, size, sex, comfort, resistance, impermeability, ventilation system or weight are variable to be taken into account when making the final choice. In addition, our specialists will advise you and show you the models that are most suitable for your activity based on your instructions. Visit us and explain your concerns to any of Vertic's outdoor specialists!

Mountain backpacks for mountaineering

The mountain backpacks for mountaineering must be as ergonomic as possible, since its adaptation to our body is essential for moving in comfort to the mountain.

Carrying weight with an uncomfortable model on long journeys can be a real headache, so ergonomics is one of the first requirements to take into account.

On the other hand, lightness is another important aspect. In long journeys, especially, we will load with a large amount of material. So that a mountaineering backpack that does not weigh more than necessary will avoid charging with this extra weight that can limit our movements.

For mountaineering, due to the changing conditions of the mountain, we need the luggage carrier to be waterproof to avoid any mishap that offers us the weather.

Mountain backpackers for cross-country skiing

The type of route and the duration of it is important to choose the ability of the mountain backpack for optimum skiing. However, security is another transcendental aspect, so that in the interior the shovel, the probe and the ARVA can never fail.
In order to face the descents, we also have to have a space reserved to store seal skins, whereas in some sections of the ascent, and in the face of the impossibility of skiing by the conditions of the terrain, we will have to hang skis for their transport .

The terrain can also force us to load crampons and piolets with their respective fungi, so they do not spoil the rest of the material.

Mountain backpacks for climbing

The resistance of the fabrication materials of climbing mountain backpacks that give it greater durability and protect it against friction with elements such as rocks and vegetation, comfort, lightness, ergonomics or the existence of pockets for storing the material that is needed more by hand are some of the requirements that must be met.

Mountain backpacks for hiking or trekking

Mountain backpacks for trekking or hiking must allow us to move with autonomy and safety for the mountain. For this you need to assess aspects such as weight, ergonomics or their size. And, if you have questions, ask a specialist of Vertic!

Kid Carrier Backpacks

A comfortable headboard, good protection against climatic conditions, different compartments, firm clamping on the floor, adjustable straps and weight are very important when you get a portable mountain backpack.

Have you seen our catalog? Check out our website or visit one of our stores!

In Vertic we have the best mountain backpacks for each activity, so that with us you can equip yourself to enjoy the mountain as you have never done before.

In addition, we have cheap backpacks that meet your economic limitations as well as your requirements. We wait for you!

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