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Polar fleece are pieces that give us perfect comfort, thermal regulation and perspiration, so that with them we will stay warm and dry while we are doing our outdoor activities. They are one of the fundamental pieces when it comes to protecting us from the elements, as they act as a second layer in the famous three-layer dressing system.

The polar fleece and the layers system

Polar fleece, also known as second layers, play an important role in the so-called three-layer mountain clothing system. In this dressing system, a second layer is that intermediate piece that we will put on the thermal t-shirt and under which it would act as a third layer.

These pieces are those that are in charge of isolating us thermally. Polar fleece or second layers do not warm us in a direct way, but their mission is to retain the heat generated by our body and prevent our cooling, while at the same time promoting the evacuation of our sweat.

Which weaves are found in the polar fleece

In the construction of polar fleece we can find a wide range of synthetic fabrics that will offer us different benefits. Depending on the activity we carry out and the needs we have, it is advisable to know these materials in detail to buy the polar fleece that best suits our needs.

In this sense we can distinguish between different synthetic fabrics between polar fleece patterns, especially among those developed by Polartec, the hegemonic manufacturer among these pieces. One of the best known is the Power Stretch, a material that offers an optimum thermal capacity and elasticity. Its inner layer closest to the skin will keep us warm and dry through the contact points that, thanks to its capillaryity, absorb and evaporate moisture in the outer layer.

Another of the outstanding fabrics of the Polartec brand is Power Dry, a material that retains the power elasticity of Power Trecth, but which in comparison offers us a greater capacity for drying. Polar fleece manufactured in Power Dry are designed for those intense and aerobic activities such as mountain skiing.

Finally, we should not forget the Thermal Pro, another of the synthetic fabrics developed by Polartec and that we can find in some polar fleece. This material is characterized by retaining a greater amount of air thanks to a thicker thermal space, thus achieving greater thermal protection and good transpiration.

The weight of the weave and its importance

The weight of a synthetic fiber is one of the aspects that determines the quality of this fabric, as it conditions the warmth that it brings to the piece. In the case of polar fleece, the greater the density of the fiber fabric and consequently its weight, the greater the capacity of thermal insulation that this will offer us. In the same way, the smaller the weight and the finer polar fleece, its thermal capacity will be lower.

Polar fleece screens

One of the most interesting variants in the field of polar fleece are those models that have protection screens. In this sense, the insulation of Wind Polardec Windproof fabric of Polartec stands out, which gives us a wind resistance four times higher than that of a traditional polar fleece while offering excellent transpiration.

Find the polar fleece of man you are looking for

In Vèrtic we offer you a wide collection of polar fleece models for men so that you do not miss anything when it comes to enjoying the outdoor. Immerse yourself in our long list of models and you'll find copies for the most demanding conditions up to tremendously versatile models.

For those looking for a man's polar fleece for intense and aerobic activities such as mountain skiing, we recommend that you consult our models manufactured in Power Dry, a fabric that gives us an optimum drying capacity. You can also find models of hooded polar fleece for quick protection from the cold.

An extensive range of polar fleece of women

The mountaineers also have your site in Vèrtic and that is why we invite you to discover our collection of polar fleece of women. In all colors and designs, you can find the piece you need to get out on the mountain with maximum warmth and comfort.

If what you are looking for is a second very hot layer for mountain activities, the best polar fleece you can wear is one manufactured in the synthetic fabric Thermal Pro. Thanks to a thicker thermal shutter, this material will offer more than optimum thermal protection while a good perspiration

Enjoy the best polar fleece for children

They are the smallest of the house but in Vèrtic we do not forget them, so if you need a polar fleece or baby to enjoy the outdoor, do not leave our collection and you will find what you are looking for. From the most traditional models to the multiple variants we offer you, polar fleece jackets, polar fleece jackets, hooded models, ... find everything here.

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