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Mountain electronics brings together a wide variety of useful products for outings. GPS, GPS watches, altimeters, pulsometers, electrostimulators, solar chargers or solar batteries, among other materials, are part of the extensive mountain electronics collection of the Vertic stores.

The main function of all these products varies depending on our purpose. However, the company of each one of them is to help us follow the path, monitor the performance or load batteries of the devices.

GPS designed and built to be used in the mountain, in the first place, must be well protected and its function will be directed to the resistance and the handling under the most adverse conditions. They must be able to provide reliable information accurately and clearly. In our stores we have several models so you can compare and take the one that best suits what you need.

GPS clocks can also incorporate many other functions already present in other types of clock depending on the use we want to give. According to our needs we can find models that allow us to control virtually all the parameters of our progress in real time and then process the information on our computer.

The altimeter is not an instrument reserved only for the highest peaks. It will allow us, in addition to knowing the altitude, foreseeing possible weather changes or giving us very useful references in situations of low visibility. A correct calibration of the same is essential for the reliability of the data that it provides us. Consult with our team if you need information on calibration.

The pulsometer is a widely used article in all types of sports disciplines that are being progressively implanted in the mountain and not just during training. The convenience and easy positioning of the devices, coupled with the new functions of dump information and management of the same in the computer, have further favored its implementation.

Compact, resistant and high resolution are the characteristics that define the latest generation of sports cameras. Do not lose anything without having to pay attention to taking pictures is what these products offer.

Electrostimulators are not enough to achieve our sports objectives, but without a doubt, a correct use of them can provide us with this extra that we lack. Thanks to them, we will optimize the training programs by working on specific aspects and muscles, as well as accelerating the recovery with the specific programs that they incorporate. Try it.

Solar chargers have recently entered the market of the mountain with truly practical models and highly innovative designs, which allow for good loading speeds from small and lightweight devices. Find out and change the way you go to the mountain.

With solar batteries, the batteries of our electronic devices such as GPS or others have been exhausted. Its use will allow us to recharge our devices at the end of the day. Check out the plates and if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you in your choice.

The world of accessories is very wide and changes quickly making it difficult to know everything that the market offers. We keep you up to date by selecting the most practical ones. You just have to ask us. Do you want to take a look at our catalog?

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