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Down jacket

Down jacket

The cold is one of the great enemies that we will find on the mountain and if we want to beat it, nothing better than a good down jacket. Whether to storm a large peak or for a simple but icy morning walk, always have these clothes to protect you from the cold. Do we discover them together?

How a down jacket protects us from the cold

The warmth of down jackets is known but ... How do they manage to keep our body heat so effectively? The great secret lies precisely in the quality of the material from which it is made, the down, whose warmth has not yet been surpassed by any synthetic fiber.

The scale of cuins and the quality of the down jackets

The quality of the pen of a garment is given by its ability to expand after being compressed. To measure this quality, the volume occupied by an ounce - about 28 grams - of the pen in question is calculated and the result is measured in cuins (abbreviation of Cubic Inches or cubic inches).

In the measurement of cuins it is important to bear in mind that there are two scales: American and European. The difference between them is that in the American tests are carried out in conditions of zero humidity, and in the European are carried out in conditions of environmental humidity.

The pen capacity of the pen has not yet been overcome by any other fiber, so down jackets will always be warmer, lighter garments and with less volume once compressed than those of any synthetic fiber.

Moisture and water-repellent treatment

One of the drawbacks of down jackets is that if they get wet they take a long time to dry and the down loses its properties when caking. Therefore, it is not advisable to use jackets with plumes in environments with a high humidity index, with a high probability of precipitation or in those activities in which we sweat a lot.

Aware of these limitations, manufacturers of down jackets have developed what we know as the water-repellent treatment of the down. This technology consists of a polymeric antimicrobial and antibacterial treatment that ensures that the pen has a better response in wet conditions. The only counterpart of this technology is that the pen loses something (not much) of compressibility.

The importance of keeping a jacket of downs

One of the most important aspects when buying a jacket of downs is to perform a good maintenance of the garment. First of all, it is essential that the down jacket does not get wet or stay compacted for a long time, to prevent the downs from sticking together and caking.

Another important aspect is the washing of the garment. One option is to bring the jacket of downs to the dry cleaner and another to do it at home, in this case we give you some tricks. One is to introduce two tennis balls during the spin, so that it retains the padded appearance during washing.

Another important moment is drying. It is advisable to dry the down jacket in the dryer in a program for synthetic clothing, because it is the best way to reposition the downs and return the initial quilted look. If you do not have a dryer, we recommend that you let it dry for several days and whip the down with some frequency and its down cells several times to avoid the downs sticking and caking.

Are you looking for a down jacket for women?

There are many ways to call them: women's down jackets, women's down jackets, women's down jackets, women's down jackets, ... or simply women's down jackets. Call him as you call him, you can find all of them in our collection. What are you waiting for?

In our wide section of down for women you will find many models available, from the lightest garments to the most complete and warm ones. If you're looking for as little weight as possible, check out our lighter down jackets, one of the bastions of our women's pens.

If you want to protect yourself from the cold but, on the other hand, do not mind giving up a couple of sleeves, we recommend that you take a look at our section of women's vests. In it you will find a great variety of these women's pens, in a range that goes from the lightest to the most complete and designed for the toughest conditions.

Down jackets for women: warmth and durability

If what you are looking for is a little more warmth in your woman's jacket, we have what you are looking for. Beyond the simple down jackets for women, we find what is known as women's down jackets or down anoraks for women. These garments are characterized by offering an added warmth and resistance, designed to offer you the best performance in the worst conditions.

You can also find that point of warmth you need with a longer garment and take a long down jacket for women. Also known as down parkas for women, its length will provide you an added value in terms of conserving body heat that you will hardly find in other garments. Absolute protection from the cold!

All the down jackets for men you want

But not only we have models for women, but on our website you can also find a wide range of pens for men: anoraks of downs for men, jackets of downs for men or vests of downs for men, among others. Do you want to take a look?

Special warmth in down jackets of man

If you are still looking for more protection against the cold, do not miss our gamma of down parkas. They are characterized by being down jackets for men longer than usual, a fact that will provide us with greater protection from low temperatures. They also usually have an adjustable hood or a reinforcement in fleece. Ready for the extreme cold!

Down vests for men

There are other less bulky alternatives within jackets or pens for men, such as the lightness that we provide the vests of downs. With a much more minimalist design and dispensing with the two sleeves, these garments will protect you from the cold with a grammage of the most adjusted to your needs.

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