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Climbing shoes

Climbing Shoes

Sweating a good climbing shoes is essential for all those who want to enjoy climbing, both for the more experienced and for those who just now start. It is a generally lightweight, flexible footwear that provides a grip that is vital to gain maximum accuracy in all our movements.

How to choose your climbing shoes?

When buying some, we have to take into account several elements to be able to choose the one that best suits our needs. There is a wide offer and we will have to assess aspects that range from the form to the rigidity of its sole, the type of rubber, the type of materials -natural or synthetic- used in its manufacture ... and many other details such as the heels, the upper or the bow of these.

Shape of climbing shoes: symmetrical or asymmetrical

One of the aspects that we must take into account when buying some is whether it is a model with a symmetrical or asymmetrical shape. The symmetrical ones have a straight line, thus providing greater comfort and comfort. These models are designed for those looking for comfort in low or moderate difficulty, so that they are the best option if you need to start your own.

On the other hand, those of asymmetrical form do not offer us the comfort of the symmetric models, but they are more precise and technical. The construction of these causes the entire toe strength to be directed towards the big toe, improving accuracy on small holes or stitches. In this way, these specimens are best suited for middle and advanced climbers.

The rigidity of the sole

Another factor that determines which one best adapts to our needs is the rigidity of the sole, depending on which we will distinguish between those that are manufactured with hard sole and soft ones. The toughest models are designed for climbing in vertical planes or plates, where this quality will allow us to rest our twins and feet in the face of the constant weight of the body weight and will provide us with greater security when treading small songs as they have greater resistance to the torsion On the other hand, those manufactured with soft sole are designed for tracks or folded or roofed boulders, where sensitivity is an indispensable factor. They are also infinitely more comfortable than those of hard sole.

Different brands, different types of rubbers

The offer of this type of footwear is very extensive and for that reason it is necessary to take into account several factors, one of them the typology of rubbers that use the different brands. In this sense we can find brands like La Sportiva that use Vibram gums, in different variants such as Vibram XS Edge or Vibram XS Grip. On the other hand, there are also manufacturers like Five Tingues that bets on the Stealh rubber, very soft but with a lot of grip.

Synthetic or natural materials

Another aspect to take into account at the time of the election is the type of material in which it is manufactured. In this sense, we can find models made with natural skin, the main advantage of which is that it gives less smell in contact with sweat than in synthetic fabrics. On the contrary, those manufactured with synthetic materials do not yield as much as the natural ones, which yield much more.

Other details: heels, upper and bow of the climbing shoes

There are other details that we have to take into account when deciding what to buy. One of them is found in the heel area, which is more bulky in those models designed to make climbing in the rock. Another aspect that will determine the choice is the bowing of the cat's foot, which, if it is greater, will facilitate climbing in sinking areas. If, on the other hand, the arcuate is smaller, it will offer us greater comfort when climbing.

Finally, when buying also we have to look at the upper of the model, since we can find with units that fit by means of laces and others that do it with velcro. The best choice for those who enjoy the blog and that you need to change often are those that have velcro fastening, much more comfortable if you need to put them and take them continuously.

Are you looking for a climbing shoes for a woman?

If you are passionate about climbing and looking for a climbing shoes for women, we recommend that you go through our collection, where a wide variety of models and brands are waiting for you. From the most technical models to those for which you are beginning to climb, always in a wide range of prices ranging from the cheapest to the most exclusive. Look what you are looking for ... Find it here!

Do not miss our climbing shoes for children

In Vèrtic there is also room for the little ones in the house and that's why we offer you a wide range for children. These products are designed so that the children start climbing and have an adjustment option with Velcro that allows a regulation that allows to continue the growth

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