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Climbing rucsack


How to choose a backpack for mountaineering? The big manufacturers of the outdoor world offer a wide range of models; Large collections adapted to each of the adventures we can face when ascending mountains.

However, to guess with the right model, it is necessary to have very clear what our preferences, needs and preferences are. And, once the adventure is started, there is no turning back. It may be there, but it is not our goal.

The mission is not to move with security, autonomy and the maximum freedom of movement possible for the mountain, bringing with us all the necessary mountaineering material as well as clothing, footwear, food or drink. For this reason, the backpack for mountaineering must be meticulously chosen based on a series of conditions.

Size, capacity, weight, ergonomics, ventilation, comfort, waterproofness, hidrorepelencia, sex, design or price are conditions to be taken into account during the decision making process. To do this, keep in mind your preferences, needs and preferences. Even so, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to consult Vertic's specialists. They will be happy to guide you to get the best model right!

Size is the first condition that must be placed on the table. Obviously, we do not need the same amount of material for a one-week trip in one of a month, for example. For this reason, the duration of the activity will mark the necessary size.

And, closely linked to size, we find the capacity. This is measured by liters; And, how many more liters, bigger. In this sense, manufacturers offer a wide variety of litings that adapt to each one of the situations, needs or demands.

From Vertic, for short trips, we recommend the use of a minimum liter of 40 liters. Probably, in summer, there can be room left over. However, for this type of activity we need to carry with us quite material: hoops, crampons, cords ... and thus with a good list that can never be missing.

If you practice with the need to bring other types of material such as sleeping bags or tent, we will need larger sizes. We could also use litings that oscillate the 45 liters, as long as we carry with us only and exclusively the minimum of the minimum.

The lightness is directly linked to the weight, and is one of the most prized features in the outdoor world. However, it must be borne in mind that a good product never reduces weight by sacrificing padding, reinforcements, reducing the dimensions of support structures both in the waist and in the back, as well as using materials during the manufacturing process that have little resistance to abrasion or poor water repellency / impermeability.

The straps must be wide and padded; In this way, and when in contact with the body, they reduce the risk of chafing or compression.

Otherwise, veins, arteries and nerves may compress; carrying, in this way, possible tingling, swelling of hands or sensations of cold due to difficulties in arterial blood flow, pressure on the nerves or narrowing of the veins.

The same happens with the belt. When fastening on the hip bones to unload weight, it must be wide and fluffy. In this way, we release our shoulders.

A mountaineering backpack should also not be in short supply for carrying carabiners, express tapes ...

However. First, it is recommended that you mount ribbons on the outside to store the ice axes. At the same time, some models incorporate bags to store the crampons. If not, do not miss anchors for transport. And, with the use, they get wet and can soak up the rest of the material that we carry inside.

As with clothes or shoes, the choice of mountaineering backpack should also be subject to size. The dimensions of the same model can vary according to the size.

At the same time, the anatomy of women and men is different. Therefore, in the market there are specific models for each sex with changes in aspects such as the height, the position of the shoulder pads or the width of the hip belt to ensure greater comfort.

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