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Climbing harness

Cllimbing harness

Climbing harnesses provide the union between our body and the security mechanisms. For this reason, it is important that we choose the model well; It must be safe and adapt to our needs.

Parts of the climbing harness

The belt is the part that surrounds our waist. This is usually padded because it is more comfortable. This belt can be adjusted with the help of one or two buckles. It is important that you always stay properly adjusted, since if you are hanging on the rope or suffering from a fall, this element would support a large part of the weight.

The harness also consists of two leg. These are also padded normally and, in some, they also allow to adjust to the size of the thighs. These are used to distribute the weight between the legs and the waist. When we get stuck, it is necessary to pass the rope through the two anchor points, to ensure this distribution of the weight in the event of a fall. On the other hand, we have the ventral ring. We will use this exclusively for our carabiner when it comes to securing or rapeling. This ring is extremely strong and rigid

On the sides of the belt, we find the material doors. As the name suggests, they are designed to hang the necessary material during the activity, such as the express ribbons, carabiners, insurers or other elements. Depending on the activity for which it is intended, they will have more or less material holders.

Types of climbing harness

Non-adjustable harnesses

They are those that are normally used for climbing sports or climbing in climbing walls. They are generally less comfortable because they can not be adjusted as well as others, but with less details, they are lighter and faster to place. They do not usually carry porta-material points, with two it would be enough. Your ventral ring is finer to minimize weight as much as possible.

Adjustable harnesses

They are designed for long distance or classical climbing. Since these types of climbing require more material and more activity time, these harnesses have a greater number of door-materials and more buckles -including on the leg- for greater adjustment to the body of the climber. Some of these have reinforcement in the belt, for a greater support of the lumbar area. Its ventral ring is wider and stronger.

Within this same modality, we find harnesses for mixed climbing or ice climbing. These have the material-adapted doors to better support wet conditions, and to be able to carry the necessary tools such as ice screws.

Harnesses for children

They are similar to adults, only to take into account that children have the center of gravity of their body displaced due to the weight of their heads. Therefore, it is more normal that up to 5 years approximately the children wear a full body model. These allow a subjection of the entire body. In addition, children's harnesses often have more security measures.

Regulations for climbing harnesses

All units that are sold in Europe, regardless of their country of manufacture, must comply with mandatory homologation rules. When they do they receive European conformity (CE) and is informed in the instruction sheet that complies with the norm EN 1277.

The forces that are needed to break a harness will always be greater than those that the human body can resist. This is not a bad thing nor one has to frighten us, on the contrary; They are highly reliable and resistant.

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