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Climbing gear

Sport climbing

Sports climbing is a modality in which the goal is to overcome the maximum difficulty when climbing a wall.

It happens to be a discipline of competition during the eighties; However, one was until the late eighties and early nineties when the first competitions were held.

It is a variant of the traditional one, and it is practiced on routes previously equipped with anchors and insurances bolted to the rocks.

Cat feet, ribbons, harnesses, express ribbons or carabiners make up the necessary equipment to practice it, and in the Vèrtic stores you will find everything you need to safely enjoy this mode.

Climbing Shoes

Sweating a good climbing shoe is essential for both beginners and for experienced climbers.

The climbing shoe consist of a generally lightweight, flexible footwear that provides a grip that is vital to gain maximum accuracy in all movements. The climbing shoe must be adjusted - the foot must be filled completely, but without damaging. With the use the climbing shoe tend to occur.

Both the Vèrtic physical stores and the online store will find the best brands and the best climbing shoes models to enjoy your activity.


From Vèrtic we recommend the use of long ropes during the practice of sport climbing. Forget the ropes of 50 or 60 meters, and use a rope of at least 65, 70, 75 or 80 meters.

Why do Vèrtic recommend the use of long strings? Every day longer paths are opened, so more and more meters are needed in the sectors in which it is scaled because the tracks are usually 30, 32, 34, 35 and up to 37 meters.

It is very common that you need cords in which the climber reaches the ground in top-rope or run the ground without having to juggle, and in Vèrtic you will find the ideal rope for your climbing.


From Vèrtic, please do not pay attention to what you see here. The use of the helmet should be customary, but when climbing areas go by, helmets often shine because of their absence.

The helmet protects the skull from these falls in which we can strike and do us a lot of damage while practicing activity. In addition, the helmet also protects us against rocks that can fall. A helmet has to offer us ventilation and comfort so that it does not bother us while we practice our activity.

In Vèrtic you will find a wide variety of models and helmets, so that you are well protected.


The carabiners are an indispensable element. They are shaped like a ring or hook, and are used to fasten the strings. The carabinets can be opened or closed by means of a spring or spring.

From Vèrtic we recommend that you regularly check your carabiners before practicing activity that require it in search of cracks, sharp edges or corrosion. Also, make sure they are not bent.

Check that your carabiners' wings open and close as necessary; In this way, you will avoid unnecessary spells during the activity.

If a carabiner has fallen or it has taken a good blow, it may seem intact; nevertheless, it can be damaged in its interior. In case there are doubts, our wise advice is that you do not use it.

In Vèrtic we have a wide range of carabiner brands so that you can scroll with the one in which you deposit your confidence.


An quickdraw is composed of a carabiner to pass through the sheet and a carabiner to pass the rope. There are different measures of quickdraw, some longer and other more standard. From Vèrtic we recommend the purchase of 12-14 quickdraw for sport climbing.

There are many different types of brands in the quickdraw market: variety of brands, heavier, lighter, smaller, larger, thicker ribbons, dyneema ribbons, polyamide ribbons ... the most important thing is that it is approved material to avoid mishaps .


The blocker is a very important security element for sport climbing. As its name says, the function of the blocker is the lock of the rope when we fall avoiding a fall to the ground.

From Vèrtic, we make especially two recommendations for blockers: On the one hand, the Eddy. Eddy is a blocker with automatic lock particularity; that is, it locks automatically even if we do not have the attached rope. Even so, it is very important to always have the subject string.

Eddy is one of the safest auto blockers in the world to practice this sport discipline.

However, the best known blocker is Grigri. Grigri has evolved in recent years. Now it's smaller and more compact. In addition, it allows to put strings up to 8.9 millimeters, this line of modern strings - lighter use.

With the blocking element Grigri it is prohibited not to have the rope subject, as it is a blocking element with which we must always have the rope subject if we do not want to suffer from severe or serious injury.


The harnesses provide us with the union between our body and the security mechanisms. For this reason, it is transcendental to choose the correct model; that is, it must be safe and adapt to our needs.

To practice sports climbing, we have to buy the harness based on size. A harness should be good and comfortable. In addition, for all those people who start in this world we recommend a harness that is adjustable in legs. The idea is that depending on the amount of clothing with which we can always regulate our legs and feel well adjusted.


To practice this activity, we recommend that you complete the equipment with a good backpack. Carrying a backpack during climbing allows you to store somewhere in the material: harnesses, carabiners, water, snack ...

In Vèrtic you will find a wide catalog of backpacks for sports climbing to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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