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Cargo pants

Cargo pants

The trousers to enjoy the outdoor without headaches must at least fulfill four fundamental premises: comfort, lightness, breathability impermeability, or at least hydrophores. Load pants are no exception; So if these types of pieces comply with these particularities, they are usually pieces that facilitate mobility in the mountains during journeys and routes.

However, in addition to the indicated properties, it is very important that pants to get out on the mountain are sufficiently resistant; Especially, in areas that are more sensitive to friction or abrasion - with rocks or vegetation - such as knees, buttocks or the inside of the boot.

To enjoy the outdoor mountaineering pants should also be able to offer sufficient resistance to climatic conditions such as snow, rain or wind. That's why large brands of outdoor material manufacture clothing with different features, to use the ideal according to the needs.

Synthetic fabrics or natural fibers for cargo pants?

Natural fibers such as cotton, wool merino or tencel - one of the most environmentally friendly cellulose fibers made from wood pulp of eucalyptus trees - can be very comfortable; However, from Vertic we do not recommend its use for outdoor sports. Natural fabrics can be highly comfortable; However, it absorbs moisture relatively easily, retain a large amount of water and take a long time to dry.

Therefore, from Vertic we call the use of fabrics or synthetic fibers such as polyamide or polyester, as they meet the requisites to enjoy without any excitement of outdoor adventures. These types of fibers, in addition, are very comfortable at the same time as they have the ability to eliminate the sweat of our body in the form of steam and the need for ironing.

What are the advantages of cargo pants?

Pants Load is a piece of polyvalent clothing; very versatile. This type of garment is very useful, as its use is not simply limited to the mountain. In the market, there are casual pants. And, because of its large pockets located on the side, they are great for storing and transporting everything that you want to carry on without having to resort to the backpack.

As a general rule, in the outdoor world some pants carry are usually used on trips. However, its use is also very common in hiking trails or trekking.

Types of cargo pants 

In the market there are models of long pants and pants shorts, bermuda types. In addition, detachable models also exist. The detachable trousers are, like the charging types, very versatile pieces; since they adapt to possible climatic changes during the adventures.

The detachable trousers usually say that they are the ideal companion for adventure days in the mountains since their versatility offers multiple options in the mountain: in front of cold conditions, this type of clothing protects against climatic conditions; on the contrary, if the temperatures are warmer, it turns into Bermuda allowing a great freedom of movement by raising the ventilation.

Harder fabric, very resistant and elastic

Being a garment mainly aimed at the practice of sport in the mountain, the construction of the loose-loom fabric is usually harder than usual. A hard tissue translates into a more resistant fabric; Resistance to possible friction or scratching with elements of the ground such as rocks or vegetation.
Load pants are also different from the rest due to the high elasticity of the fabric used in its manufacture. These types of pieces are more elastic than any other trousers, a factor that benefits outdoor enjoyment as it accompanies movements more than any other fabric.

While it is true that for activities such as trekking or hiking, it is enough with pieces that are elastic in two directions - horizontally to both sides -, the body and the movements appreciate that for more technical activities such as mountaineering, climbing or mountain skiing, pieces that are elastic in four directions are used: both horizontally and vertically.

The elasticity in four directions or also known as multidirectional elasticity, therefore, are much more comfortable and further accompany the movements that the rest of the pieces.

Is the thickness of some cargo pants important?

As with the rest of the pieces, the temperature and weather conditions mark the thickness. Also thicker, more sheltered; and vice versa. So it is transcendental to know the characteristics of the land transmitted to adapt the pieces to their conditions.

Our specialists recommend the use of pants that quickly evacuate sweat or water, which are light, not very thick and breathable when the spaces visited are accompanied by warm temperatures. In contrast, with cooler temperatures, weaves are needed with waterproofing and / or hydropower.

Hint with the cargo pants for man!

If you are looking for a pair of trousers for men, check out our collections. Both in our stores and our online store we have a wide range of models to enjoy the best of outdoor.

Browse through our website or visit one of our stores, try those models that have captivated you and go eat the mountain.

Do you need woman cargo pants?

Have you seen all the models of trousers that we have for women? Our catalog is made up of long and short pants, with models of the best brands of the outdoor world. Visit us and explore all our possibilities!

Get some boy's cargo pants!

Both in our physical stores and in our online store we have large collections for the smallest of the house. Equip them with outdoor material from the best brands in the sector to enjoy the mountain as they have never done before!

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