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Camping tents

Camping Tents

At the time of buying a tent, you have to evaluate different variables so as not to suffer a sudden on the mountain. Number of people, weight, weather conditions of the terrain, resistance to water, ventilation, structure or shape of assembly will decide the decision based on the needs.


Is it for a person? For two, three ... or even five? Family Search? The needs vary if you go alone, as a couple, as a family or with friends, so the number of places or rooms can not be overlooked.

Habitually, models for a few people have a room, but they have an apse for storing material or backpacks. The relatives are wider, within this type there are those that have a single -perhaps spacious room and those that have several rooms.

Use is also important, since it is not the same to spend a single night camping for long periods. To spend one or two nights in the inner space is not so important. However, if it is used as a base field for a long period of time, more interior space is needed to increase comfort.


Weight is a booming condition, but lightness is not synonymous with higher quality. A lightweight crossing is useful for loading with it in the backpack, but is less resistant to more demanding climatic conditions. Betting for lightness means sacrificing material resistance.

Those designed for expedition are heavier. During an expedition, weather conditions are usually arduous, so thicker and more resistant rods and thicker tissues are required. Lightweight is sacrificed but strives for stability and strength to withstand storms, torres or snowstorms.

Climatological conditions of the terrain

Each model is designed to withstand different climatic conditions. In summer heat resistance prevails. In the spring, in the rains. In the fall, in the wind. And, in winter, to the cold.

The benefits are also very important, since it is not the same one designed to withstand light rains that are prepared to withstand heavy snowfall or strong gusts of wind. This conditions the materials with which they are manufactured.

Two seasonal tents are designed for stable weather conditions. They resist a bit of rain or wind, but they are not too tough. Little-demanding activities, especially in spring or summer, are their optimal conditions.

The so-called three stations are the most common. They are ideal for spring, summer and autumn. In winter, if there is not much snow on the ground and a good sleeping bag is used, its use can be optimal.

Those designed for four stations are designed to withstand harsh conditions throughout the year, as they are made of materials that better resist water and cold.

Resistance to water

The waterproofing of the roof and the ground are two conditions to take into account when buying a tent, to avoid both the penetration of water and the condensation of steam in its interior.

The waterproofing of a tent refers to the pressure that supports the canvas so that a drop ends by transferring it; And, this pressure will be much greater if snow accumulates on the roof.

For favorable climatic conditions, our specialists consider that a roof with a 1500mm water column is more than enough. You do not have to forget the conditions in the mountain change quickly. However, a water column of 1500mm perfectly supports the typical summer waterfall.

The amount of waterproofing of the soil must be higher. With favorable conditions, a water column of 3000mm would be sufficient to withstand water.

For winter outings or with more adverse climatic conditions, water columns must be higher. In these cases, our specialists recommend columns of water for the ceiling that oscillate between 3000mm and 5000mm; This last one, especially, when the presence of rain or snow is more than likely.

In the same way that in winter or when the presence of rain or snow are more than likely we are looking for columns of water on the ceiling near 5000mm, for the floor they need about 10000mm.

So important is the column of water supported as the quality of the canvas and their seams; Since a poor quality canvas, however much it will withstand high water columns, will end up breaking and allow the penetration of water inside the tent.

Condensation occurs with breathing, and there is not one that evacuates everything outside. Thus, to greater breathability better capacity of the tent to evacuate the condensation, hence the importance of the windows.

Structure and shape of assembly

In the last years two different structures have been popularized in the outdoor world: igloo types and tunnel types.

Those of type tunnel comprise them several masts that cross the width of the structure, which allows to take advantage of much more the space. This type is very stable in very windy conditions.

The igloo types are made up of three arcuate frames, making the interior area spacious. The advantage is that snow and water slip. In addition, they are very easy to assemble. Its semiesfera design makes it very resistant to wind and rain.

There are also bas-field type tents. Its use is designed for long stays in the same place as expeditions or base camp.
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Both in our premises and online we have a wide catalog of tents. Each one adapts to different conditions so you can buy the tent that best suits your needs. Explore our catalog and hit with the choice!

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