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Camping gear

Camping equipment

What would be of the outdoor without these nights in the mountain with all the material of camping to enjoy our adventures?

Enjoying mountain nights are unique experiences, but it is not necessary to be prepared with the material necessary to camp and not suffer any mishaps.

Both in the physical stores of Vertic and in the online store, and with the help and advice of our specialists, you can find the camping material and survival that best suits your next challenge.

Mountain backpacks

Mountain backpacks are an indispensable camping material, since it will allow us to store and transport everything necessary to enjoy the night in the mountains.

In the market of the mountain backpacks there are a multitude of models with a great variety of capacity, which will allow us to carry with us all that is indispensable such as handrails, clothes, hobs, kitchen accessories, food, water, camping equipment and many other elements.


If you are not going to make vivac, the tents are a suitable camping material. Now, remember to evaluate some aspects before purchasing such as space, weight, weather conditions of the terrain in which you will move, its resistance to water, its structure and its form of assembly, since Once in the mountain there is no room for maneuver.

Our specialists, based on your information, will be able to advise you and propose models of tents that best suit your priorities and needs.

Sleeping bags

The sleeping bags are a camping material that gives us warmth in the mountain, we sleep in a tent or we live. However, each sleeping bag is designed for specific conditions, so you have to be clear about what adventure you will live to bring the ideal sleeping bag.

Filling feather or fiber, its breathability, resistance to water, its temperature ranges, or its maintenance are aspects that you should not overlook to experience great mountain experiences.

So, if you have any questions, our specialists will filter your sleeping bags until you offer those that best suit your needs. Do not miss the opportunity!


It's so important to have a tent and a sleeping bag, like doing it with a good handmade camping material. A good insulator is essential for resting, something basic especially in long journeys.

The market offers different types of masks but the inflatables, the self-inflammable ones and those of EVA foam are the common ones within the material of camping and survival.

Each of them offers different benefits to the rest, so the conditions of your activity will be the guide to choose the perfect insulator to enjoy the night in the mountains.


Whether to heat food or to melt snow to have water, a stove can never be missed in the backpack as camping material in your adventures.

Over the last few years, manufacturers have significantly evolved both their designs and their features, so it is not difficult to find a fireplace that meets all your requirements and is compact enough and light so you do not hesitate to add it or not to the backpack

Camping equipment

If you plan on a mountain activity that lasts for several days, camping equipment will be your home. The small details can throw the whole work beforehand, so try to keep in mind everything you need to load it in your backpack.

Tables, chairs or sets of dishes, among many other things, you can find them both in our stores as well as in our online store.

Do not overlook them and prepare all the necessary camping material before undertaking the adventure!
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