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Thermal gloves

Thermal gloves

In those moments when you need a thermal protection in your hands but you can not do without breathability or the maximum freedom of movement, you need to have polar gloves. These pieces are the perfect ally for those activities in which the cold is not extreme but in which we need a thermal protection that keeps our hands warm.

The thermal protection of polar gloves

The thermal capacity offered by polar gloves resides in the thermal insulation with which these pieces are counted. In this layer are synthetic materials with the ability to retain heat in our hands without limiting our freedom of movement during the practice of outdoor activities.

One of the most common synthetic fabrics in the thermal insulators of polar gloves is known as Polartec Power Stretch. This material retains the heat and has an outer surface that has a low friction finish that reduces irritation when used in direct contact with the skin. Its inner layer closest to the skin is the one that will keep us warm and dry through the contact points that, thanks to the capillarity, absorb and evaporate the moisture in the outer layer.

The importance of the fiber weight

The weight of a synthetic fiber is one of the aspects that determines the quality of this fabric, as it conditions the warmth that it brings to the piece. In the case of polar gloves, the greater the density of the fiber fabric and consequently its weight, the greater the capacity of thermal insulation that this will offer us.

In what conditions do we need polar gloves?

Polar gloves are a good choice to offer in our hands a soft thermal protection at the same time that good comfort and flexibility. For this reason, the use of this type of gloves is recommended for those activities or situations in which the cold is not extreme, so that the light thermal protection they offer us is sufficient to keep our hands warm.

It is also interesting to use polar gloves as the first layer and the only layer provided that the conditions allow it or as an intermediate layer, always complementing it with other models of gloves that provide waterproofing and protection against the wind. Finally, polar gloves are also interesting for those aerobic activities in which the thermal protection they offer us is more than enough.

In what situations are polar gloves not recommended?

The thermal protection that polar gloves offer us is considerable but it is not recommended for situations or environments in which the temperatures are really extreme. In scenarios such as these, this type of gloves is short and we would need to have models whose thermal capacity was better.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that polar gloves are not impermeable, so any activity carried out in conditions of humidity or in contact with snow is not the best scenario to use, at least as the only one piece

It is also worth noting that polar gloves (at least those that do not incorporate a Windstopper membrane) do not offer us a protection against the wind. Consequently, they will result in excessively cold pieces under wind conditions if we do not have a glove with paravent capacity.

Find the polar gloves you're looking for

If what you are looking for are the best models in polar gloves for both men and women, check out our extensive collection, in it you will find everything you need. These pieces are the perfect ally for those activities in which you need a slight thermal protection without sacrificing the breathability or the freedom of movement of your hands.


Mountain gloves are a basic element when it comes to equipping us for outdoor sports, where protection against the elements is a battle that we have to overcome. Within the market of gloves for the mountain there are polar, windscreen, waterproof, mittens ...

As you can see, the range of possibilities that we can find is very broad and suitable to handle what is needed.

When buying mountain gloves, it is usual to doubt between what you need to choose, since the market offers a multitude of possibilities. However. Warmth, wind protection or waterproofness are benefits that you do not have to overlook.

Protect your hands. Waterproofing

Waterproof gloves are a basic element when it comes to mountain activities in which water or snow is very likely during the adventure. The protection they offer against water and its thermal capacity make them the best allies of the hands.

However, not all waterproofs offer the same benefits; And one of the aspects to be valued prior to purchase is the thermal capacity offered by each model. Thus, it is possible to distinguish between those thinner ones that offer a light thermal protection in their interior and the totally thermal impermeable gloves, thicker and that have a very hot thermal filling in their interior.

In the market of the gloves of mountain there are also waterproof gloves that move away from this division so binary, incorporating detachable thermal filling. These models have detachable inner lining that allows you to extract it for ventilation when necessary, to dry more quickly or simply replace it with another - less or more hot.

Looking for snow gloves?

To enjoy skiing and other activities related to snow, waterproofs are one of the best options in the market, both for its benefits and for the more interesting details that incorporate in its design.

Thanks to the impermeability, they allow contact with the snow and keep your hands dry while those that incorporate a thermal filler keep them warm. These types of mountain gloves are also very interesting for the small details they incorporate, such as the EVA foam pads that help protect the hands from possible impacts due to shock and / or fall.

Another aspect to take into account are the reinforcements in the palms areas of the hands. There are waterproof gloves that incorporate waterproof fabrics. This reinforcement offers a greater resistance in these zones, of special wear in the majority of mountain activities.

Do they exist with paravents provision?

Within the range of possibilities offered by the market, some mountain gloves offer wind protection; So, in this way, they keep their hands safe from the cold and the wind. These pieces are a good complement for those times when mountain gloves are needed to provide protection against the wind.

An aspect to take into account of these screens is that, despite being suitable for wind situations, they are not for snow, humidity or wet snow conditions; since they do not repel water, and therefore, when it comes in contact with it, their hands get wet and cool.

Sofas with softshell fabric
In the category of screens we can also find models that, instead of incorporating the Windstopper membrane, opt for softshell fabric. These offer similar features to those that incorporate Windstopper, perhaps with a slight lightweight but with a higher thermal capacity.

Polar mountain gloves

Another of the highlighted categories is that of polar gloves. These pieces are the perfect ally for those activities in which the cold is not extreme but you need a thermal protection that keeps your hands warm. The use of this type of mountain gloves is recommended for those activities or situations in which the cold is not extreme, so that the light thermal protection they offer is sufficient to keep warm hands.

Mountain gloves, thermal protection guarantee

Mountain mittens are undoubtedly the best option for those looking for mountain gloves for extreme temperatures. The mountain trousers provide a great thermal protection and are perfect for those activities carried out in extreme cold conditions, expeditions or activities of very cold in the high mountains.

The high thermal protection of mountain mittens is due to the thermal insulation they incorporate in their construction. In this sense, in the market you can find mountain mittens with thermal filler manufactured with a combination of synthetic fibers and a natural material such as the feather.

Protect your hands with our mountain gloves for men

Practice the activity you practice, in Vertic stores you can find a wide range for men that protect the hands of weather conditions. In addition, you can find from models of waterproof gloves to gloves, through mountain gloves for activities such as trekking, trailrunning, mountaineering and mountain skiing.

If you are looking for maximum protection for your hands, we recommend taking a look at our collection of mountain cloths and waterproof gloves, one of the most complete in our range. In it you will find some specimens designed for the most demanding and compact activities to those longer models that exceed the forearm.

Are you looking for women's models?

If you need to protect your hands in the wind, cold or water do not hesitate and equip yourself with the best models for women. At Vertic you can find a great offer, in which you will be right.

In our collection you can also find warmth for the cooler hands or suffer more when conditions are adverse. Our mountain mountaineering models give you the maximum thermal protection. But if you are concerned only with protection against wind or water, we invite you to check our waterproof gloves or windbreaks.

Find mountain gloves for kids!

And for the little ones in the house? Visit any of our stores or take a look at our online catalog and find small-size mountain gloves to enjoy the outdoor without suffering!
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