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Alpine climbing

Alpine climbing

It is one of the hardest and most demanding modalities, but one of the purest ones can be considered at the same time. This discipline also brings together all the techniques applied in gel, mixed, rock and large walls. In Vertic, however, you can find all the necessary alpine climbing material.

The alpine modality is also known as mixed or winter, and it is practiced in the high mountains. This means that during the activity the conditions that this implies are climatologic, altitude, level of oxygen or atmospheric pressure.

His practice requires great skill, experience, technical skills and physical and psychological preparation of the climber or mountaineer due to the complications and unforeseen events that can occur, in the absence of fixed insurances, in the unreliable rock, to unfavorable and changing weather conditions, to complex falls or to the limit.

That is why we can list a wide list of alpine climbing material. Clothes with specific characteristics, cat's feet, boots, crampons, express ribbons, harnesses, frontals, backpacks, pythons, piolets, carabiners, backpacks, sleeping bags, helmets or hobs are some examples you'll find in both physical stores and in Vertic online store to enjoy this sport.
In Vertic, however, we are aware that the mountain is not an exact science and that both meteorological and weather conditions mark what material we need to

Cllimbing shoes

The climbing shores are a type of material for mixed climbing and a type of footwear that offers a great grip thanks to the gum sole cooked. In addition to being used for sports, its use is also recommended for traditional climbing with great difficulty.

Climbing shoes are flexible, lightweight and provide a transcendental grip to achieve maximum accuracy during all movements. The climbing shoes should fit in the foot. Nevertheless, with the use they tend to occur.

Mountaineering boots

Occasionally, cat's feet are practically impossible due to the conditions. So to keep progressing, you should wear mountaineering boots. This type of footwear is rigid to guarantee stability in more technical areas.

From Vertic we recommend that mountaineering boots that are used as a winter climbing material are cramponable, as they are essential for ascents in which there is also ice in addition to snow.


The crampons are a material for alpine climbing that can not be missed in the backpack. You never know when you can need them, and less in adventures that involve several days in the mountains.

Belts, semiautomatic and automatic belts exist. Belt crampons are compatible with any type of boot, but instead they are not in slippers. Its adjustment is made with a strap and with pieces that embrace the boot.

Semi-automatic crampons are compatible with semi-rigid and rigid boots, and both an automatic skateboard similar to a ski fixation as well as pieces that embrace the boot form their fit.

Automatic crampons are the most widespread for their reliability, accuracy, touch and absence of movement. This type of material for mixed climbing can only be placed in rigid boots with front and back rims. In addition, they are very fast to place.

Double strings

From Vertic we recommend the use of double strings as a material for alpine climbing. The diameter of the double strings oscillates between the eight and the nine millimeters. Be it rock or ice, the double strings are best in long chords.

The double strings have to go through insurance alternately, without crossing them and without crossing them.


The helmet is an alpine climbing material essential for safety reasons. The helmet protects the head in case of fall and stroke with the skull with rocks or the ground. However, the helmet also protects us against elements that can be detached while practicing activity.

In addition to protection, a helmet asks for comfort so that it does not disturb during the activity and ventilation.


Harnesses are a type of alpine climbing material that unites our body with the security mechanisms used. However, in a harness for this modality we also ask you to be a material carrier to have everything that we need during the ascent.

As in everything, the ideal harness does not exist; but depending on the needs one or the other type agrees. Something very important for this modality is that the legs are adjustable, since they offer versatility in a sport that uses a lot of clothes and voluminous shoes. It is important to choose the right model, and this means that in addition to being safe it adapts to our needs.


The clothing used as a material for winter climbing has a determining role, both in terms of comfort and security. This type of clothing must be adhered to the body and, at the same time, it must guarantee total freedom of movement so as not to limit decision-making.

As for the rest, the type of clothing to be used varies depending on the weather conditions as well as on the terrain.


The adventurous spirit of this modality obliges you to carry a rucksack with the alpine climbing material necessary both for practicing activity and for possible mishaps that we can find.

As with the rest of the material, the capacity of the backpack varies depending on the needs. However, for adventures that involve several days on the mountain, a large backpack is needed to bring sleeping bags, stoves, food and the rest of the winter climbing material that we need.

Alpine climbing material for safety

Piolets, friends, fritters, ice screws, carabiners, insurers or express tapes are part of the material for mixed climbing of security. These products can never be missed in the backpack to face ascents.

Most of the products are part of the winter climbing material for security, but these are totally indispensable.

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